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2015 Outlander Sport GT 2.4L

2015 Outlander Sport GT 2.4L

We were excited to once again step behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. This time, we took the 2015 model out for a week-long test.

Though we look forward to experiencing the Outlander Sport, there are a few things that cause it to fall short of our expectations.

We like the exterior look, a lot. It’s likely something we would have looked into during the college days when we didn’t require a lot of space and only wanted a sporty and energetic appearing vehicle. However, it’s the interior and drive that disappoint.

What We Love

We do love the price point. Starting at around $21,000 – you can snatch a great looking vehicle for a reasonable price.

The exterior. It looks great. It has a sporty (Outlander SPORT!) and ready to get moving appearance – which is fitting for this compact crossover.

We love the Safety Features

RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) Construction deflects and transfers crash energy away from occupants

7 airbags including driver’s knee impact airbags

Side mounted LED turn indicators

2015 Outlander Sport GT 2.4L

2015 Outlander Sport GT 2.4L

What We’d Love to See Improved

We’d love to see the quality of the interior given an update. At first glance, it looks great! However, in lower price point model, the fabric seats are a bit grabby and uncomfortable.

We’d also love to see the acceleration of the Outlander Sport receive an overhaul. With increased horsepower in the 2015 model – we had hoped that issue would be a thing of the past.

We were surprised to read that others enjoyed the smooth ride of the 2015 Outlander Sport. That wasn’t our experience and we’d love to see that improved. However, we were right off the heels of one of the smoothest riding vehicles we’ve ever tested. Perhaps we were a bit biased? So, take it for a drive and decide for yourself.

Overall, it’s an ‘okay’ vehicle. There aren’t any deal-breaking features – there are just other options we’d likely consider over the Outlander Sport.

Have you driven the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport?


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