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We own a Toyota Corolla. Not a 2015 Corolla – but a Corolla nonetheless. We like and very much appreciate the Corolla that we purchased – but have never been over-the-moon for it. It’s just been a ‘great little car’.

So, like the Camry – we weren’t expecting to be thrilled when we saw it.

Yet, again, Toyota impressed us with an amazing vehicle. It looked great and we loved the drive. We were only disappointed that we didn’t get to drive the Corolla sooner. In fact, it’s been a little difficult to go back to the earlier model. It just doesn’t compare to the powerhouse that is the 2015 Corolla. If it’s been a while since you’ve checked out a Corolla. You’ll love all that’s new!

Toyota Corolla 2

What We Love

The extras. This newer Corolla is a lot more detailed, sporty and comes with more technology. They’ve left behind the basic and boring design and lack of options for a more enticing look and accessorized vehicle.

Price. We love that it remains a great value for such a reliable and now fun vehicle.

Comfort. For a compact car, it didn’t seem as small as our older model Corolla. It was very comfortable for our family of four doing all of our regular driving.

Toyota Corolla 1

What We’d Love to See Improved

Again, this was such a great redesign over its previous versions – that we’re just pleased it wasn’t like our older model Corolla.


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