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My dear daughter, I know that life is hard for you right now. I know there are big changes in your world and they are coming fast. I know that this time in your life can be a very trying one for you and to those closest to you. I know that there will be days when your emotions take over and you will not be able to control them. I know because I have been through it. I need you to know that despite what you think, I love you beyond measure and I will love you through it. Just remember on your hard days that your parents will always love you, no matter what. Just remember these six little words:

“I will love you through it.”

On the days when you feel ugly and you do not want to face judgement from this superficial world; days when you do not approve of what you see in the mirror, I will tell you how beautiful you are. I will say it again and again with conviction until you start to believe it yourself. I will love you through it.

On the days when anger, irritability, and general contempt for the world takes over your body, and you want nothing more than to push everyone away, I will still be here. You can never push me away. I will love you through it.

On the days you spend in “solitary confinement” by your own choosing because you cannot stand to be around us and the only comfort you have is the lifeline of texts to your friends, I will give you space. I will understand. I will love you through it.

On the days you struggle with heartbreak over a jealous friendship or a first love, and all you want to do is cry, I will cry too. My heart will ache as well. I will love you through it.

On the days you lash out at me with harsh words, sputtering hatred and telling me I am the worst mother ever, I will remind myself you don’t mean it. I will love you through it.

On the days you feel it is unfair that you do not get what you want, and that everyone else’s parents are better than the ones you have, I will remind you of all your blessings and I will stand my ground. I will love you through it.

On the days you feel joy and love towards me and we get along like best friends, I will hold those close to my heart. I will savor every beautiful moment. I will withdraw those moments from my bank of memories and spend them on the tough days and it will remind me of our love for each other.

My dear daughter, no matter what kind of days you have – the good, the bad, and the very bad, I will love you through it.


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