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We’re excited to add an Activity Acknowledgements feature to the Bloggy Moms Network! It’s fun to see how everyone interacts with each other and mingles. This feature will award points based on activity around the community and will be used in upcoming network giveaways.

Have fun, get to know and support each other!

Point Possibilities

Registration: 200 points

Login: 100 points

Daily Visits: 25 points

Viewing Posts: 20 points

Viewing Pages: 20 points

Viewing Forums: 20 points

Viewing Topics: 20 points

Viewing Replies: 20 points

Publishing Content: 200 points

Comments: 50 points

Referring Visitors: 100 points

Referring Signups: 200 points

New Forum: 50 points

New Topic: 50 points

Favorited Topic: 15 points

Points for Forum Reply: 15 points

Profile Activity: 10 points

Profile Image Update: 25 points

Profile Cover Image Update: 25 points

New Friendship: 25 points

New Comment: 50 points

Favorite Activity: 10 points

Private Message: 5 points

Creating a Group: 100 points (Must have 10 members before points are awarded)

Joining Group: 50 points

New Forum Topic: 50 points

New Forum Post: 25 points

New Group Comment: 30 points

Sending an Invite: 10 points

Invitation Accepted: 25 points

The same above points are subtracted when actions are deleted.


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