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As we grow up and move on to live our own lives away from parents, the daily grind and responsibilities tend to make you forget the most essential part of our lives. If you take a time-out and sit back and think again you will realize that, the only people listening to us without judging us are “Our Parents“.They always make time for us…Sometimes a girl in the family, we all must agree that she is much closer to her parents than boys do. You argue with them you, fight with them, you cry, make them cry but eventually they love you for what you are. More-so if you are a girl!

I wanted a girl…

To  see, how this great bond of a Dad and a Daughter unfolds. I want to tell her that every day I am in an awe looking at her and her Dad..the way they bond. The great warmth and love with which  she embraces her dad makes me nostalgic. Not a single moment goes by without me thinking, was I doing the same when I was a little girl?! After all, I am my Daddy’s little girl no matter how old I grow…

To see, the beautiful Sister & brother  relationship unfold. Want to see her trouble him, love him, fight him and learn from him. The promises made on Raksha-Bandhan and all other things – I just want to relive the moment of a brother & sister bonding again.

To see, how a little girl who always disagrees and argues with her mother  and eventually  becomes her best friend! The great bond of sisterhood that she forms with her mother. The way she stands up and tells her mom to be strong while going through her own challenges and troubles…

To teach, her Dad and Brother what it takes to be A Girl, A Sister, A Daughter, A Mom and A Women she would want to become.

To tell her, that it is a mother’s promise and that her mom will  become her launch pad for her dreams,  the challenges she would take up, the stands she takes for herself and others in her family.

Above all, 

To tell her, that she is the most precious, adorable darling that her mom would always, always love and admire no matter where she is.


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