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Gone are the days of crispy, brown, expensive Eco-friendly fashion!

Nowadays, Eco-friendly fashion means beautiful, organic threads, sustainably harvested without pesticides and GMO’s. The environment can still breathe. It can also mean workers are 100% protected, both financially and health-wise. We’re talking human rights. AND it can mean super soft clothing for you and your family at super affordable prices. You’ll never look back.

And you know who checks ALL these boxes?


It’s essential that we start buying organic, as conventional cotton is the world’s dirtiest crop. In fact, the dying of conventional cotton alone is culprit to 20% of the world’s water pollution!

But thanks to brands like PACT, we have the chance to help.

And once you see what PACT has to offer, you’ll be hooked (just like me!) I love being wrapped up in all their softness, in cuts that are actually flattering. I prefer PACT over other basics, ESPECIALLY at their fast-fashion price points.

So press play, become informed, and let me show you how to introduce organic fashion to your chic style. Then, do your part by shopping PACT for yourself — discount code at the end (yay)!

**Photography by the super talented Lindsey Childs**

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