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How to Breastfeed with a Breastfeeding Pillow

One of the more difficult tasks a new mom has to face (if she so chooses), is adapting to breastfeeding. There are many things that can work against a new mom, but exhaustion is usually one of the biggest. You want to hold your baby as much as possible but holding them for an hour at a time every two hours can get to be a bit much. Enter the breastfeeding pillow.

Now most new moms have probably heard of these. They are cute little pillows that come in different shapes to help you properly position your little one during feeding times. This cuts down on stress for both mom and baby.

One of the better ones is from Boppy. The benefits of this one is it’s U shape. It fits around your belly, or right under your breasts depending on how you’re built, and your little one can lay in whatever position is most comfortable for you. It also comes in very cute colors and designs, all of which can be removed from the main pillow itself so that they can be thrown in the washer.

What I enjoyed about the U-shaped breastfeeding pillow was the fact that it was inexpensive, and it can also be used to prop up baby in a safe position on the couch next to you whether you are breastfeeding or not. It’s really a multi-purpose pillow.

The only downside is, that you may still need to use more support along with the pillow. This is dependent on how you are built, and how you and your little one prefer to be during meal times. I found that this wasn’t actually a problem for me, but other moms have found that just sneaking another little pillow underneath helps to solve the problem.

Over all a good nursing pillow was one thing that I just couldn’t have lived without when I was breastfeeding, and I hope that it helps you out as well.

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  1. Mariya 2 years ago

    Me too, I am tall and that pillow alone just didn’t do it for me:(( I had to prop it up with other pillows which kept falling everywhere..it still was better than without a nursing pillow. The upside I also used it as a sitting prop when my baby was learning to sit and now i use it as a laptop support)))

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