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This Easter shadow box mobile is as easy as one-two-three-done. And that’s about how fast the idea came to me! When I passed the napkin rings in the Bullseye’s Playground, I braked. I asked myself how I could use them in the carrot Easter mobile I had in mind, and it was a no-brainer! I wanted to have a carrot cylinder to hang air plants in and the napkin rings gave me the perfect opportunity to house air plants without having to make the fake carrots! The wooden napkin rings are very sturdy, so I decided I’d check the greenery section for faux air plants and boom–there they were! It was meant to be.

I didn’t want to use real succulents because I didn’t plan on misting them in their hanging home nor did I plan on taking them down during the month of April leading up to Easter. (I have suspended hanging air plants and it’s really inconvenient to water them because I can’t soak them while they are suspended and spritzing them gets decor underneath wet, so I have to move the picture frame and book that are underneath them each time I go to water them. So the choice was easy–faux air plants!


Shadow Box Mobile Supplies

  • Shadow Box
  • Carrot Napkin Rings – Target, $3 for 4/pk
  • Faux Air Plants, Target, $2.99 each
  • Electric Tape
  • Monofilament Illusion Cord


  1. Place the napkin rings face down and stick the faux air plants through the rings, taping them in place on the backside.
  2. Then take the monofilament illusion cord and tie a knot to one of the leaves on each air plant, cutting the illusion cord to the desired length for hanging.
  3. Hang each air plant carrot from the inside of the shadow box by taping the cord.



Easter Shadow Box Mobile | {My Life Space Moments} @ AshleyCamber.com

Easter Shadow Box Mobile with Air Plants






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