Hi everyone!

I'm new to blogging... I'm curious what are things I should be doing every day to work my blog? Posting (obviously), blog hopping?, posting in forums like this?, commenting on other blogs? Does anyone have a blog maintenance routine that they do every day?



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My blog is a month old today and what I have started to do is this:

I post everyday, I have my posts automatically uploaded to FB and Twitter.  I post here whenever I post on my main blog, I have a new goal where I will view one new blog a day and/or comment on one blog a day. You also need to promote yourself on FB and Twitter as well as get friends and family to check out your blog.

I need to get WAY more social and visible out in the blog sphere.

Good luck to the both of us :-)

MoodyMommi @ http://www.moodymommi.com

Find your posting pace. For me it is twice a week, everyday seems forced and once a week stale (for my blog everyone is different). Try and stick to your pace so your readers know what to expect. 

I used to share all my blog posts to my personal facebook page, now I have a facebook page for my blog. http://www.facebook.com/IamJustMildlyMedicated

I post funny things and blog posts on my blogs FB daily and have listed my blog as my job on my personal page. I only share things I think are very funny or relevant on my personal page. I'd rather people hear I am a blogger and want to find out more then see my blog in the news feed all the time. 

I find blogs and FB pages I like and am make sure to comment on them, I do not do this to blogs I don't love. I want authentic readers/followers and assume they do to. I try and keep up with the blogs I love and comment as well as find about 3 new ones a week and usually end up sticking with one after really checking them out. 

I have just started posting here and will try and use Sunday mornings (works for me) to catch up on posts and comment on things to help network and make friends along the way.

I do the blog hop here but I haven't found it to successful other places.

Hope this helps ;)

I have days I just blog. Then I have 1-2 days a week I just read and comment on other blogs. Link party days. And then days I have to take a break!


Reading blogs is a hobby of mine so i'll read new ones whenever i have a free moment. I blog whenever their is something to blog about, i think if you force it it shows. Comments on my blog come through to my phone so when i get the time i'll return the favour on theirs :) i dont use facebook etc to advertise


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