Hello Everyone!

I'm curious to know what your tried and true methods are for using pictures in your blog posts.  Do you take your photographs?  Use free clip art?  Do you pay for stock photos?

Also, I'd like to know the pros and cons of each as I'm a new blogger and trying to experiment and gain valuable insight.  Thank you so much!

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My blogs like an online diary for me too remember every little moment in Rio's life in years to come so i personally use my own photos 90% of the time. If im blogging about something i dont have a picture for or something unpersonal i'll use pictures available for public use, but i never take credit for them :)



Thank you Victoria.  I appreciate you letting me know.  Are the 10% that are not your photographs "stock" photos, clip art, or something else?  I want to make sure that my pictures add to the blog posts but I want to follow proper protocol.  Thanks for your input!

With the exception of book reviews I do (and then I use a photo provided by the book publisher), I always take my own photos. It's easier that way. I never have to worry about copyright, getting permission, etc.

That makes perfect sense Rochelle.  I'm going to need to become a better photographer!!  LOL

Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it!


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