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I use Blogger and have for years with my little family blog as well as with Just Mildly Medicated but am looking to start taking my blogging seriously, more pt work than hobby. Any opinions about Blogger vs Wordpress?


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I truly believe this is an excellent question. I have noticed more views with Blogger than Wordpress yet Wordpress allows more features. I do not understand the blogging lingo with Blogger but there appears to be a lot of advertisement taking place with Blogger, from what I have noticed, on the sites I have visited. I have a Blogger account which I have begun to use and direct visitors to my Wordpress Site. Hopefully someone will provide us with a hassle free solution to attain the viewership we desire for the income we want.

I know this is never the "popular" response, but in most cases Wordpress is an overkill for what you need, and Blogger is a superior solution. We've outlined 10 reasons why in this post entitled "10 reasons recommending Blogger over Wordpress for most websites". People think that you might be limited in Blogger to the look of your site, but this simply isn't so.

I read the article attached. I can agree with the points raised in using Blogger. Wordpress appears to be confusing to me. I don't understand the stats information given. As I stated before, my Blogger site receives more visitors than my Wordpress site. Even with a link to the complete article directing readers to my Wordpress site.

Great article David! I'd like to start marketing products with my Just Mildly Medicated name. Can I link that to blogger or maybe use something like Cafepress.


We've set up a number of clients using Blogger as their website and blog, and then linked up with Big Cartel, Shopify, or Big Commerce as their shopping site. At the same time you could use Cafepress or similar if you don't need the full cart platform functionality or buy-now buttons through Paypal or Google merchant.


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