Censoring your blog posts! Has anyone thought what your family/ friends or even readers will think about you on what you write? 

I have Alot of things I want to blog about on my personal blog but don't want ANYONE ( a certain person) to take it the wrong why, feel that I mean it ugly or just compliantly get upset... That's why I havent posted my heart felt thoughts!!! Do any of you feel the same why? 

Then I believe somethings in life DO NOT need to be posted on the internet for the world to read!!! Just going to leave it at that... And want everyones comments thanks krystyn from coupon cutie!

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This happens to me ALL THE TIME. As a matter of fact, sometimes I am crippled because of it. (Not good.) I try to forget who is reading and be authentic but still....sometimes I want to be anonymous!

Obviously there are some things that shouldn't be said...on the internet or in person even.  If its something you'd only tell your bff, I think its probably not something that should be said online either.  I try to always say things in a kind way.  I think that people can say things in love and be genuine and I love that authenticity about them.  I don't like fake people.  I think many bloggers get behind a laptop and put up some sort of persona and want to look perfect.  If I wanted to see some fake blogs, I would just turn the TV on instead.  I like when people are real with their struggles, but not so wide opened that they tell me stuff I have no business knowing.  As for family, who cares.  I think a good rule though is if you wouldn't say it to there face, you probably shouldn't write it either. 


Keep it real ladies.

Girls, I struggle with this too.  It's not even the "bad" stuff that I worry about.  My whole family reads my blog, including my ILs etc.  I find I have a hard time writing about things that I feel strongly about, or not even strongly about, but they are so conservative that they might find it offensive.  I know, I feel like it's really dumb that I worry about what they think but I'm a people pleaser and I need to try to get over it.  I would LOVE to be able to talk about breastfeeding, natural birth, depression, postpartum depression, etc. but then I put myself in their heads and I can't do it.  Ugh.  I would love to be genuine and just write for me.  I think I really need to work on this... being me, unapologetically.
Yes ladies I agree with you all! It's hard for me to blog about how I'm feeling about being a mom, daughter, daughter in law,
Aunt, granddaughter, friend and so on! I feel that the way I deal with things lately is keeping it all in! Which I know is not good, and I don't want to be judge by my family or anyone!!! Well ladies thanks again keep the comments coming!!!!If any of y'all wanna chat email me @ coupon_cutie@ymail.com


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