Chuck E. Cheese now serving safe gluten-free pizza and cupcakes

It is so great to hear that Chuck E. Cheese will now be serving gluten-free pizza and cupcakes. And the most important and exciting about this news is that they understand about the importance of cross contamination. There are so many mom and pop businesses that don't understand this part of it and continue to serve unsafe gluten-free meals.

Hooray for Chuck E. Cheese!

The gluten-free pizza and cupcake come with a well-designed protocol intended to reduce the risk of gluten cross-contamination (always a major problem in a restaurant that serves mainly gluten-based pizza). The individual-sized gluten-free pizza arrives at Chuck E. Cheese's outlets sealed in a bag, and is baked and served to the table in that same bag. The adult in charge then opens the pizza with a dedicated, sealed pizza cutter. The gluten-free cupcakes are handled the same way.

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