I just have to ask... does anyone blog/write simply because they love to write? No expectations or desire for monetary gain?

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I would write even if I was told I could never make money, although money is always nice.  I most definitely write just for the sake of it.



In my personal opinion, I write because I enjoy writing. Whether I get money for it or not is just an added bonus. It's putting thought to paper that really counts



Yes! I don't gain anything monetary from my blog, although I would be open to some advertising as long as it was in accord with what I write about. I am actually starting a second blog with a friend that is all just writing in every shape and form. Let me know if you'd be interested in participating if you are an aspiring writer!

I just love to write, I always have. It is a way I relieve stress and do something I enjoy just for the sake of it.

Me!  I have always like to collect my thoughts on paper and eventually online.  It's nice to go back and read later.  I still also keep a journal on top of blogging.

For me, it just became necessary to monetize as I could not afford to run this network on our families budget.  Without sponsors, etc... Bloggy Moms wouldn't exist.

 I do! i love to write!  Since i was about in the 7th grade, I've had stories in my head.  I love listening peope's stories and writing them ;)

That is exactly why I write.  I can't figure out most of the "how-to's" of setting up my blog.  I don't even have followers because I can't figure out how to set that up!!  I enjoy it, except when it's frustrating.  BUT, the writing part is why I do it.  It is nice to get comments though.  Guess it validates my writing in the first place.  I'll keep doing it just for the sake of writing.  

I love the the thought of writing just for the love of it. I think 80% of my writing is for the sheer joy of getting my thoughts out of my head, and the results of that writing is always full of clarity. BUT, then I wake up and remember I have 3 kids on 1 person's income and I would love to help my husband and earn money for my family. I kind of feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds or like it's all meant to be. The more passionate I am about writing, the more I think people will connect, the more attractive I will look, the more possible income I might generate. Just my thoughts. But I have always been a writer, since I learned to write I have just written down my thoughts. I would write no matter what.

Thank you for posing the question.


I could defintely write all day and every day if I had the time, just for the sheer joy of it!

I write my blogs to keep track of stuff that I like or do.  Though I would be lying if I said that making money from it wouldn't be great, I do it for the love of writing.

I write and don't make money on it. As a matter of fact, no only do I blog but I also write books. :)

I defs do. I even offer free wahm advertising on my blog and defs no google ads or anything like that. Nothing against it, I just don't need plus no matter how hard I try, I'm not as active on my blog as I would like to be.

No monetary gains for me, I'm a journalist and I feel like I need to separate my love for writing from my job. Because even though I went into it with a love for writing, I tend to forget why I did it some days.

Yep...That would be me!  I simply love to write.


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