Come on ladies, get your links up again, so we can start "LIKING" eachother!!

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Awesome! Here is a link to my facebook page!
Michelle - yours isn't working in the link - from the code in my reply it looks like your Http is doubled after the href.

Michelle said:
Awesome! Here is a link to my facebook page!
I "liked" your pages already.

My page is:!/pages/Soleflor-Mom/129555683730645
I've got everyone so far, and added all of your pages to my favorites - If I missed anyone, please let me know! Thank you to everyone who has joined my page as well!
I spent a ridiculous amount of time setting up a BuenoBaby Facebook page. What should have been a click, click here and a click, click there turned into…Do I need to link this page to my personal Facebook account…How do I post from my site…What's this doodad button…What's that doodad button…Is there a class I should have taken to do this? Let me just reach inside my computer here, and shake some of these wires to see if that helps.

I've already invited my family and friends who are on Facebook. Some of them have become fans, or "Liked," the new BuenoBaby Fan Page, others have not. Which I understand, BuenoBaby isn't for everyone. Anyway, I'm almost done cutting out their traitorous faces from my photo albums.

BuenoBaby Facebook Page!/pages/Adventures-In-Mommy-Land/126878817334622?ref=ts

fun, fun, fun!!!


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