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Hi Miriam! thanks for the reply.. following all of your 3 links

Hi Angie..visited your blog.  I'm sorry about your unborn baby.  

Thank you for participating in this forum.  I'm following you back.

Cheers ^_^

aww your welcome and thanks.

Some day are better than others which makes me feel guilty 

Hello Angie,

So sorry for your loss.  I lost 2 before my son Mason was born and it's very hard.  And my first son, Brian, died before his first birthday.  My heart goes out to you!!  I have followed you on your channels listed here and welcome you to follow mine as well.  Take care.

Penny at Green Moms and Kids (http://greenmomsandkids.wordpress.com)

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/WindyCityLeanandGreen (Green Moms and Kids)

Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/WindyCityLean (Healthy Green Mom)

Pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/greenmomsnkids

You can also find my profile on Bloggy Moms and on Google + (Penny Roach).  Both have the same picture of my little guy and me!!  Thanks!


Penny I have been following you for a while. Thanks so much for stopping by my site.

Losing a child is so hard but my heart breaks to see you lost 2 as well as Brian before his birthday.  It was hard enough in utero :(


Hi Penny thank you for stopping by this discussion..I have been following you for a while now.

I just liked your FB page and stopped by your blog. I admire your strength to talk so openly. Your blog is so powerful and raw. I also lost a baby (Oct 2006 at 26 wks), and it wasn't until this year that I was finally able to talk about it. I had a complicated pregnancy (all of them were compliated and I was in the hospital for the majority of them). One night I crashed and we found out the next day that the baby did not survive. My husband and I never got to say goodbye. I was rushed into surgery before my husband even knew about our loss and our baby was disposed of before we could say anything. We never even knew if our baby was a boy or a girl. I will never know if our baby was healthy or having developmental problems. Anyway, I'm looking forward to following you and I think it will help me heal as well. Thank you :)




Hi Melinda

Thank you for stopping by...

I tried following you in facebook, twitter, and g+...but the link came out as error.


Hi Melinda

following you in both facebook and twitter



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