Has Anyone's Insurance ever Denied a Prescription Request?

Last week, a lady that I follow on Twitter was on a rant because she said her child had acid reflux. The doctor prescribed some medication but her insurance company denied the request! I began thinking to myself - wait a minute, how much are you paying in health insurance. How can they deny a prescription that was written by your child's physician or pediatrician? It's not as if you made this up prescription yourself!

Has anyone experienced this here at BloggyMoms? Definitely let me know. I was able to provide that mom with a solution. Haven't heard back if she took it or not. There was no way I wasn't going to step up and share the information that I had.

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I've had a prescription be denied by insurance because it wasn't on the insurance's preferred list. The insurance wanted me to have a different medication of the same class. My doctor approved that and it worked out fine.


Glad to hear the doctor was able to step in and approve the different medication. I could see me easily saying where's the information about the side effects! 


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