It would be great to see all of the books, ebooks, etc... authored by the mavens of Bloggy Moms!

Are you considering authoring a book? Share your dreams with us! Tell us why you have or haven't begun on your journey to published author.

We also have a special link up for those who have a book! Link your book up here!

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Good Morning from chilly and foggy Alberta Canada.

  I am actually in the process of compiling my writing for a book.  I lost my mom 2 months ago to Cancer and well I spent A LOT of time caring for her before she passed. 2.5 years to be exact. I learnt a lot about caring for your sick parent. And you know what the easiest thing I have figured out to deal with it is write. I still write my mom each day even though she's gone. You can never replace those mom and daughter talks.

  So that it what I'm working on. 

That would be an amazing story to read!

This sounds like a wonderful and very therapeutic idea for yourself as well as many others.  Keep up the writing!

I'm currently working on one!!

Awesome!  Remember to tell us about it when it's complete.

I have some for young children and toddlers that I've written and am working on pictures for them so they can be self-published. I also have started one for young moms who are expecting, it brings the humor back into picking a car seat or a stroller, and offers some guidance on what to expect from some of those doctors appointments, I know I sure could have used a good laugh trying to get through some of that stuff

Are you doing the pics yourself or do you have an illustrator? 

I have several children's books I would love to publish, but don't know about doing the pics. 

I am so excited to share here that I have and its coming out this month! Still can't hardly believe it. It's called The Search for South Pole Santa and its a very fun Christmas adventure for just about anyone who loves Christmas. It's really a whole new take on the timely Santa story. In this book the population alarm has gone off at the North Pole telling the world there are too many children for one Santa to serve so the search is on for a second Santa -- South Pole Santa. It's a big competition and one of the competitors is a 17 year old girl -- the polar opposite of our current beloved Santa. It's full of a lot of creative fun! The Search for South Pole Santa by JingleBelle Jackson soon on Amazon! :)

I created the NICU Journal, its available of Amazon and Createspace. I also plan to write about my new found faith, after having my daughter premature and her surviving and beating the odds.

Excited to check out these bloggy authors :) Some thoughts have run through my mind and I've contemplated it, but for the time being I enjoy reading others works and feeling un-pressured with my writing.

Loving to read has kept me out of alot of trouble and I dream of writing but limit myself to being the storyteller for now, I take a bunch of grandkids camping and they love my little stories and I enjoy getting them to make up thier own stories so maybe I am generating future writers lol

I am participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for the second year in a row. I hope to write and publish a book, eventually. Participating in NaNoWriMo has allowed me to meet other writers in my area, learn and have fun writing!

I'm a mother of 6 and single because my ex-husband is serving a 40-year sentence for aggravated sexual assault (of a child.) We've all heard atrocious stories of abuse but we rarely hear about life after abuse. I speak to groups of women at Women's Protective Services, churches, children's advocacy centers, etc. Leaving an abusive relationship is only the beginning...

I love all the ideas for books on this thread. It's beautiful to see people turning their circumstance into encouragement for others. :) 

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