It would be great to see all of the books, ebooks, etc... authored by the mavens of Bloggy Moms!

Are you considering authoring a book? Share your dreams with us! Tell us why you have or haven't begun on your journey to published author.

We also have a special link up for those who have a book! Link your book up here!

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Hello Tiffany!  I'm brand new to Bloggy Moms.  Thank you for your thoughtful question. A month ago I published my first children's picture book called Kensie Cooks. It's about a young chef and her magical ingredient Zesty who try to win over three of the pickiest eaters around.  I'm excited to be holding my first book signing this Saturday.

For any of you who are in the process or are contemplating writing a children's book - I understand your journey.  It wasn't always easy but it was well worth it. I'd be happy to share my insights with any other bloggy moms :-)

Hi Tesha - I would really like to talk to you! I am in the beginning stages of writing a children's book and could really use some help and your insight!! Thanks! Alexa

Hi Alexa - email me any questions you have at 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

I've just begun marketing my book which will be coming out in December.  I would love it if my new Bloggy Moms network could help provide a few likes to the new Facebook page as I get underway! 



Thank you!

Just liked you too!  Best wishes on the book - very important topic!

Hi! Your book looks great! I am heading to like your FB page as well!

Thank you!  (:

I have had articles published but am working on my first novel! If I can stay on track I should be ready by spring to submit the MS for editing, then pimp it out for publication. <3

Good luck!

I have completed several eBooks on using essential oils.  My most popular series is using essential oils for pregnancy/delivery/caring for baby.  They can be found at My Site.

I am currently working on a new book that will be featured on Amazon, Trust Your Intuition: Choosing Natural Over Conventional Medicine; Twenty-five "Natural Medicine Confessions" from Influential Moms Who Choose Healing Remedies for Their Families.  

***I’m looking for some rock-star mom bloggers to contribute to this book! If you are interested, please check out the link below:



Hi Tiffany, Just saw a great idea on Linkin for book promotions - get the community to go to your books Amazon page and 'LIKE' it.  Would you be willing to host that on Bloggy Moms for bmom Authors?  Sorta a blog hop for Amazon pages? 
Many thanks,


I wrote a short ebook this year called 'How to be happy. 52 Ways to get your Mojo back" I wrote it so you can focus on doing one thing each week of the year to help with self nurturing, fun, personal development. There's lots of practical, down to earth things that you can do. I got a bit sick of reading long books on theory, as I'm a busy Mom. So I wrote a short, to the point book with the hope that they'd be able to bring a little more pleasure into their lives. It's only available as a digital book a the moment. 

Here's the link, if anyone's interested.




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