How are you spending and celebrating the holidays?

It's so much fun to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family! We have several different events and functions that we attend during December - as well as several places we take the kids to see lights and have hot chocolate.

How do you spend the holidays?

Where are some special places you go or special treats you enjoy during this time of year?

Share with us and link back to a blog post you may have written on the subject!

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We are baking  Christmas Eve Delights!

This year we are visiting my side of the family for Thanksgiving (yay! I miss them) I usually make a fancy dinner on Xmas eve (standing rib roast & lobster mashed potatoes) and invite 1-2 other families over. Before bed, DH, the boys and I make a strata together that goes in the fridge and then is popped in the oven on Xmas morning. We have a leisurely breakfast at home and then head to DH parents to spend the rest of the day with that part of our family. :)


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