How do you feel about giving flouride to your children?

My daughter's dentist prescribed a topical flouride paste to give to her before bed. But when I looked up the product on line( i needed to make sure if it was gluten free) it stated that anyon 12years old or younger should not take large doses and should not have it in their mouth for a long period of time. So overnight like the dentist prescribed would be harmful. So at the next dentist visit I let her know about it and she said."Oh I didn' t know that". She just prescribed something without know anything about it. I also have vitamins that i give to my kids with added flouride and now I'm thinking this is not good for them at all.

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My son's orthodontist prescribed him the same- he is 7, but the only reason I didn't get it is because I feel like because I used regular fluoride toothpaste when I had braces, he can use the same.  Did you know some cities put fluoride in water to help with oral care?  I think as long as it's not ingested in large does, they should be fine.  However, I have heard that fluoride can cancel out thyroid medications. 


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