How do you manage your time on your blog while managing your family and house?

I am hoping to get some helpful tips from this discussion as I am struggling with this. Of course I love my family and want to put their needs first, but how do I not turn into a walking zombie from staying up til 2a.m. and be successful with my blog/website?

Thank you for your support!

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I have shown my daughter how when I write something it shows up on the webpage, so other people can read it. She thinks it's pretty cool so I get some done, otherwise I do it during quiet time or after bed. It gets a little easier as they get older, but nap time can be a great opportunity too.

I have the same problem sometimes. I try to get everything done by the time the kids get home from school but sometimes it doesn't work that way. :) I usually have to wait until they go to bed. Sometimes my oldest will volunteer to bathe the baby and thats when I get to get a little more time to focus on my blogging but sometimes I just have to let it wait until the next morning. Take a deep breathe and focus on the most important first. :)

I work best with a schedule! 

I put set my mindset that things are easier than I make them sometimes. I have decided that I sometimes make things harder than they are! :) may sound cheeeesy but it's true. Just the simple task of letting my oldest bathe my baby some nights makes things a little easier. She loves helping and the job gets done. :)

Sometimes I think this is the most challenging aspect of being a mom.  Making a list of your goals and priorities can help when making a schedule...if it's really important to you, you'll make time for it.  Also, being realistic about what time of day works best for what activity (ie. blogging when the kids are in school, napping or in bed...).  Also, I think we have to realize that we can't always do everything every day.  For example, taking some "me" time might take the place of blogging or something else.  It's still important, though - you have to take care of your kids' mom, right? :) 

Very difficult as my children are 1,2 and three plus i got an 11 yr old and a diabetic husband i suppose you have to put your foot down and make me time :)

That is correct!! I had to make my husband understand how important this is to me and that I am blogging for all of us. He was a little more supportive when I showed him a video of what I was doing. He then began helping more with the children and helping bathe them and doing little things to take some things off of me. I loved that he was getting interested! :)

That's a great I struggle with daily while working on It seems there are an infinite number of things you could do online to work on your blog, design your blog, promote your blog, etc. But I try to say that I am only one person and the more I try to do the less return I see on my time investment, ya know? So, I would give yourself X amount of time each day -- and hold yourself to it. As my grandma always said, tomorrow is another day!

girl, i've got to say it depends on your goals. when i started my blog to get my voice out there and meet other moms, i was able to blog after bedtime (it's why i named it after bedtime blog) and socialize and blog hop in the mornings. now that i run a business from my blog - wordpress design, moving blogs, website evaluations, training - i work from 4am to 7am, during the kids' naptime and from 9pm to 11 or midnight. so i do walk around like a zombie these days. lol

I have teens so it is getting a little bit easier because they understand when I'm working on the blog.  I work a full time job and have many sporting events to attend because my kids are very active, but I do best with a schedule.  It keeps me on track!

I am a stay at home mom, so i try to work on my blog while their napping or after they go to bed. I also make sure I have equal time for my husband and house work!

I really have to plan out my next day and/or week.  Have a bullet list of things to get done to help me stay focused, and force myself to quit working when it's family time.  


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