How do you react when someone takes credit for something you did?

I recently witnessed someone take credit for something I had done. Something that was my design, my thought, my work. I physically stood there and watched them point their finger to their chest, raise their eyebrows and widen their eyes as they silently pointed to themselves. With those gestures they were answering a question of who had done "such and such".

Inside, I was screaming and asking just how they had come up with that.

Outwardly, I shook my head and glanced at the person standing next to me. With a huff, I turned around and began getting back to pending matters. I still haven't said to them what I imagine I would say. That conversation plays over and over in my mind's eye. More eloquently I'm sure than if that moment ever happens face to face.

At that moment, that act of betrayal sent me over the edge and confirmed the attitude I had been witnessing. I don't forgive very easily, though I should. I know I should. However, grudges run deep with me.

So, what would you do? how would you react when someone takes credit for something you did?

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I had that happen a lot when I was working outside my home, and sometimes it would come up in conversation later and I would mention casually that I had done it, by the end of my career at one place though I would simply wait it out. It usually came out from someone else as you could tell my work form everyone else's.

Since then there has been once or twice that someone has taken ideas from one of my blogs and I generally take it as a compliment. It means I'm doing something right if others need to "borrow" ideas from me, and it also means they took the time to read it (much nicer when they ask, then I can read it)

How frustrating! I cannot imagine going through that. :( I wish I had an awesome answer for you. I would personally want to punch them in the throat and have cupcakes delivered...but that doesn't seem very realistic. 

Do you have enough rapport with them to discuss it? I wouldn't even know the most therapeutic way to approach it besides the "once you get the reputation as a thief..." speech. Of course, I hang out with 10 year-olds all day, so I'm pretty limited in my grown up communication. 

Very, very frustrating and so unfair.  I would be steaming if I were you.  The best punishment for the stealer is that they have to live with themselves every day knowing they took credit for someone else's work.  That cannot be an easy thing to live with every day.

As difficult as it is, I think you should confront the person.  I'm so conflict avoidant, I would probably wait to talk to the person one on one instead of in front of a big group of people.  Either way, I do think you will feel better voicing your dismay directly to the offender. 

I am disappointed and frustrated.  I find it very difficult to prove myself due that I am very much an introvert in defending myself. I rather just let it go and fester than fight for myself.

Oh my gosh. Easy. You slap them. Right then and there. And then you say, "Take that, instead of taking credit for something you haven't done!"

That's what I would do... in my head.

This had me laughing so hard! I may have just ruined my laptop - spitting coffee all over it!

Oh! I'm so sorry! And I'm tickled. Sorry/tickled.

Oh my gosh! To funny! But you are on to something there.....

too funny. I can only imagine whats in your your mommyjuice. lol.

Wow that really sucks. For some reason my eyes water first in tough situations, so I'll probably look as if I'm crying, or atleast sound like I want to cry when speaking with someone.

But, I agree with Super?Mom, casually mention that it was your work to someone else and it will spread. News travels fast, especially news that a thief is among you!

Annoying. That happened to me once. I felt like a complete moron for someone else claiming an idea during a brainstorm session after I had just said the same thing. What?! I've learned to become more assertive. Great topic!

I can definitely relate to this situation, and I'm very sorry you had to go through with this. There are definitely people out there who are better at stealing ideas than making their own. Confrontation, for me, is the way to go. Although this never happened to me face to face, but something similar happened in a group I used to be a member of - a blogging community at that. But then again later on, I learned that 'thieves' are rampant in the blogosphere so sometimes you need to be cautious of who to share new ideas with. In my case, the founder itself claimed the idea that I suggested to her, her own. And I did not hesitate and DM her (tried to be civilized) and just told her how 'crappy' I felt, especially when she totally slammed the idea at first, only for it to announce to everyone that that's what she was thinking. Shameful. I left the group after that. 


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