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Hi everyone!


My name is Jessica Ferguson, a.k.a. Mom

My blog is http://www.ultrasoundmommy.com

My Twitter ID is http://twitter.com/ultrasoundmommy


I have two amazing little boys, ages 3 and 5, and a wonderful husband.  I own and manage an elective prenatal ultrasound studio and spa.  I've just entered the blogging world and I'm really excited about it!  I'm interested in blogging about everything from brand reviews to motherhood, pregnancy and ultrasound!


My name is Jennifer Madam Idea, why Madam Idea? , well I have friends that like my ideas, and they love it so much that they just taken my ideas, and owned it, so I decide to make the blog and make it copyright and stop the copycat (lol)

But really its a blog with ideas, craft, tips, short story, etc.

I hope everybody can read and find something that they like it, and maybe you can be the next Madam Idea short story.


Madam Idea



Name: Denise
Blog URL: Extreme Personal Measures

Twitter ID: extreme-measure
What's your blogging philosophy?
Share my trials and tribulations (as well as some of my favorite bloggers’) in the DIY zone in hopes that you too will be inspired to reduce, reuse, recycle or repurpose.
Name: Tina
Blog URL: http://madhattermom.com
Twitter ID: @MadHatterMom

What's your blogging philosophy?: My philosophy is to just share my life experiences. If one thing that write about touches, affects, or inspires one of my readers than I have met my goal. I think that by sharing about my life as a mom, military wife, and step mom it gives others the chance to know that they really aren't alone when they may feel as if they are.

Hi, Im new to blogging. I started about a month ago. I have 5 children ages 23-5. I love to blog about all kinds of topics. Ive had a slow beginning but only because I feel like I don't have a lot of followers and question if anyone is really reading my blog anyways. Everyone wants more friends. I feel like I do everything in life for everyone else. This is for me. Can we be friends? Please leave a comment on my blog and I promice to follow you back as well. I am also open to critism and ideas on how to gain more followers and better writing skills. What do you want to hear? How do you get involved with reviews? etc.... Please help me!!!



Hi Predictable Me!

I wonder sometimes too if anyone is reading mine. :-) I am following now, so I'll be sure to get over there and reading some tomorrow...it's getting late here and I have to work early.


Feel free to follow me too.




Hi!  My name is Rhea (REE-ah) and I'm the mommy23monkeys.  That's pretty much my name everywhere and my blog is http://mommy23monkeys.com


I write about my boys mostly along with local San Diego stuff, ADHD stuff, camping and trying to simplify our life.  I never heard of this place, happy to meet some new friends.

Hello everyone!

My name is Lisa and I started a blog about baking/cooking because I love to do both! I believe in making good food that doesn't require a lot of time in the kitchen...because having four kids means I don't have a lot of free time! I'm a SAHM to three boys, one daughter and a wonderful husband. I'm very blessed for the life I have. My blog is Flour Me With Love; twitter is also flourmewithlove. I invite you all to come check out my site; leave a comment if you'd like (it would be greatly appreciated). I look forward to getting to know everyone.

Have a great day! ~Lisa

Name: Sara
Blog URL: http://www.mothershideaway.com/blog
Twitter ID: @MothersHideaway
What's your blogging philosophy? Always be honest. Always enjoy what I'm doing. Blogging is something I do for me and to help me through my life as it is. I enjoy writing and I will never sell out. I hope that I can help other moms see that the chaos in our lives is normal and we should all just laugh in the moments that seem so frustrating.

Amy B

http://amyandblake.blogspot.com (working on changing to my own domain!)



Honesty. No sugar coating on my  blog. Motherhood isn't easy so and i tell it how it is. The good, the not so good and the dirty diapers :) surviving motherhood one mess at a time :)



Sounds like our blogs are very similar!  Would LOVE for you to join mine and I promise I'll join right back!  Just leave a comment so I know you are a member.  Look forward to sharing the dirt with you.   Muddled Mothers motto is "Motherhood isn't all warm cookies and milk!" 





http://www.facebook.com/?sk=lf#!/group.php?gid=377890435364 Facebook Page!

Hi, my name is Alethea and I blog at I'm Domestic...not DEAD! (http://www.imdomesticnotdead.com).  My twitter ID is http://www.twitter.com/domesticnotdead


I'm flirting with life, and choose to blog about it just about every day.  I freelance write from home, so I write a lot about balancing my life around everyone else's.  There's joy in the mundane, excitement in the challenge, and hugs and kisses in the in between. 

I'd love for you to check me out!  I just joined bloggy moms today and am really looking forward to discovering new blogs!


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