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Name: Dawn
Blog URL: http://atfirstblushbeauty.com
Twitter ID: http://www.twitter.com/mkupgrl12
What's your blogging philosophy: After a miscarriage and a year of trying to conceive after that, I decided to start a blog after having our little boy. He is now a toddler, and we are trying for number two. Although I love writing about my days with him and his milestones, I felt a hole. I needed to write about me! I am an esthetician (skincare therapist) and makeup artist, and since I don't work a whole lot anymore, I thought is was time to start writing about what I am good at, and what I love to do. I write honestly, and hope that I will find a target audience who trusts me enough to keep following!

Name: Nash
Blog URL: http://familyelslittleearth.wordpress.com/
Twitter ID:: http://www.twitter.com/littleearthSA
What's your blogging philosophy:

Hiya, I am really really new to blogging community but I am going to give it my best shot. The whole blogging idea came about when we decided to see how far we could go with being green as a family. Its proving to be rather difficult because there is so much reading available.

I would really appreciate any support or suggestions from other green moms who have already started changing they way they live!!

We meet again, Little Earth! (-:
Sorry I couldn't see my other post.

Name: Rayne
Blog URL: http://ultrashyviolets.blogspot.com

Twitter ID: I don't use Twitter
What's your blogging philosophy? To express myself creatively and tell others my view.


Blog URL: www.themomalog.com

Twitter ID: http://www.twitter/AdoTheMomalog

My blog is about parenting without a map, about imperfection, and parenting by the seat of your pants. My own parents were both alcoholics so I often feel like other moms know the secret key to parenting and I don't. I'm a writer and a SAHM, and both occupations can be isolating. My blog is a way for me to reach out to other moms and to connect, and hopefully to make them laugh.

My philosophy: I'm drawn to moms who tell the truth about the underbelly of motherhood (and laugh about it), so that's what I try to do. Perfect mothers scare the &*^% out of me. 

- Ado



I'm a SAHM who recently has been "downsized" since our youngest child started kindergarten this year. I started my blog "My diswashers possessed" in November, first on Momster.com and then in January on Blogspot. I post a weekly essay each Sunday on my experinces as a mom to three, wife to one, and a 45 year old woman trying to juggle it all. Come by for a visit and get "possessed." I look foward to meeting you all!



Name: Kim Chodorowski
Blog URL: http://lsp-projects.blogspot.com, http://blog.lifesstories.net

What's your blogging philosophy?  I just want to branch out and see how other moms do things...and share my experiences as well.  It's all about having fun!
Nice to meet you, Kim, your children are precious.  The photography is amazing!

Name: Jenn

Blog: www.lilyboxing.blogspot.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/lily_boxing


I just started blogging about my personal weight loss journey, fitness challenges and workout suggestions. Most likely much much more.  Please check my blog out www.lilyboxing.blogspot.com, follow me on Twitter and ask any questions or make suggestions.  I'm new to this and I am ready to get moving!!

Hello! So glad to join fellow Bloggy Moms!


Name: Stephanie

Blog URL: http://henryhappened.blogspot.com/

Philosophy: As a new stay-at-home mom, my blog has been a great way to connect with other moms, find a source for creativity, and force myself to do more fun stuff.



Hi Stephanie. Cute blog! I am following you. Follow me back at http://atfirstblushbeauty.com



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