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I am a newbie blogger... about 3 months blogging and loving every second of it. What I love most about blogging is sharing with others my ideas, findings, and experiences. Hoping that what they read eventually will be of use. I also love the networking. I have met some great people since I started to blog. 

BTW... I blog in spanish only... well, so far. 

Name: Yenesia
Twitter ID: @elrincondmami

Hi fellow Blogging Moms!

My name is Tracey Monroe and I'm from Madison, WI. I am a mostly stay-at-home mom of an adorable 4.5 yr old. I picked up some extra hours at our local Y to help during this tight economy. I homeschool and enjoy things like growing in my faith, gardening, cooking, play groups, movies, reading, bird watching (yes I really do), and some light crafting.

I blog at

I just celebrated what I call my "blog-o-versary", having reached my 3-year milestone. I began the journey as a postpartum therapy of sorts which I tell about here and really enjoy this as an creative outlet for me.

My Twitter ID is MusingsMonroes 

I also have a Facebook page just starting out .... would LOVE it if you "Like" it and help me gain followers

Oh! I created a group here called "The Lord's Table" and I haven't promoted it yet.

It's for anyone interested in biblical weight loss; making long term changes. There is an online bible study you participate in for free at this website, then we can discuss and encourage one another through the group on Bloggy Moms. Contact me with ANY questions! 

Thanks for reading and I am enjoying reading through others introductions too.

Hi Tracy! Welcome! I just liked you in face book and followed you at Twitter :) Visit me at Thank you :)

Thanks Vinma!! I'm heading over to visit your blog now :)

Hi! I'm new to Bloggy Moms. This looks like an amazing community of women. I look forward to connecting with you.

Sincerely, Katie at

Thank you for joining Katie! I liked your FB page! Can't wait to see what you post!


Just want to welcome you to Bloggy Moms. This is a wonderful forum for blogging women. What an INCREDIBLE website you have - I am just floored by your story! I'm so touched, as I have breast cancer history in my family too. I learned so much just browsing through your blog tonight and really look forward to visiting a lot more. So glad you're here and that you shared!

Hi! My name is Eileen, my site is Consignor City and it is an online resale/consignment site for moms to sell thier children's clothes and toys to each other! Join our community today:)

twitter is

FB is Here

Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Hi Eileen,

Thank you for sharing your information. I just liked and joined the consignment site.

Have a great day!


Hello Katie,

We share some similar interests!  Just subscribed to your blog via email and liked your Facebook page.

Penny at Green Moms (Green Moms and Kids)

Name: Melissa

Blog URL:

I blog about my life being a full time student, while working full time and trying to adopt from Ethiopia. I document my Fiance leaving me because I can not have children of my own and my new mission in life to get my babies and moving forward in life! Hope you enjoy and I hope to meet some amazing women!

Hi Melissa,

You have a beautiful story. I agree with you that painful situations from the past can help us to learn and grow...although, I  am so sorry for what you've gone through. I will pray that all works out for you to adopt.

I joined your email subscription and became a follower. I look forward to reading more!

You can visit my facebook page here, if you like:

My mom and I also found beauty in the midst of pain. She had a double mastectomy, and our website shares the story of transformation that we went through as a result of her experience.

God bless!



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