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love the blog, your photos are awesome! I saw you link to goodreads and we have read a lot of the same books so I hot you up with a FR there as well as a twitter follow.

Carrie Just Mildly Medicated

Hi! I'm Phanneth (pronounced "Pannette") from Firefly Tales.

I blog a LOT about food and recipes I've “MacGyver’d” from the pantry and adapted to suit my family's taste buds.  I share the fun adventures my husband and I have with our two boys and our very LARGE extended families. 

I'm looking forward to connecting with y'all through Bloggy Moms! 

{Firefly Blog} http://fireflytales.net

{Firefly Pinterest} http://pinterest.com/fireflytales

{Firefly Facebook} http://facebook.com/FireflyTales.net

Name: Katy

Blog URL: http://www.plumfielddreams.com

Twitter ID: @katyhobbs

I blog because I love to learn and share knowledge and inspiration. My particular areas of interest as it relates to my blog are faith, family, parenting, homemaking, working from home, pregnancy, and hobbies (singing, reading, etc.) I'm just getting started, and loving the process!

Welcome Katy! I'm now following your blog, and Twitter. I tried following you on Pinterest but there was an error getting to your page there. Please stop by and visit me at http://simplyathomemom.com/

FB https://www.facebook.com/SimplyAtHomeMom

Twitter @SimplyAtHomeMom

Pinterest http://pinterest.com/brazil820/

Thank you, Jennifer! I'm sorry about the Pinterest error - I'm not sure why that happened! I'll look into it...

I'm going to go follow you on there, so you should get a message and can follow me back if you wish. :-) I'm also headed to look up your blog!

Name: Danielle G.

Blog URL: www.milkandwildroses.com

About: This is a brand-new blog written by two natural birthing, breastfeeding, cloth-diapering, Canadian moms. We believe in simple, natural living and want to share information and opinions with new and expecting parents.

By the way, the link to your blog isn't working correctly. What I am looking at is fine but when you click the link it leaves the "d" of of "wild" so it won't connect to your site. I typed in the "d" and was able to get there.

Thanks Karen, not too sure what happened there! Try this URL instead: www.milkandwildroses.com

You fixed it...it's working great now

Hey, My name is Samantha from www.mommypolls.com . Our blog is http://www.mommypolls.com/home/blog/blog . We just launched this week. We are looking forward to helping moms find the answers they are looking for in a fun quick way. Please follow up at facebook.com/mommypolls and twitter.com/mommypolls .

My blog: UtahQueenOfChaos.blogspot.com
Twitter: UTQueenOfChaos

I'm excited to go thru this blog and start following others. Check out my blog, I even have a giveaway going on right now.

I am a mother of 3, their ages are......... thirteen, eight, and two!! I was a Salon Owner for 10 years and after having my last child, I decided I would find a new career. Which is blogging!! I love connecting with other moms. I am an aspiring writer.. Look forward to learning from everyone.




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