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Just checked out your site!  I hope you learn a lot after all of the trauma at Mayo!!!

I just checked out your blog and can totally relate to your post on "Parenting from the Couch." I'm so glad to find other moms blogging about living with chronic illness! You have a great blog. 


Come see me at Alphabet Soup

I have posted to this before but my blog has seriously changed it's direction AND address so I thought I would give another HELLO to you all. My name is Jennifer, I am mom to 4 kiddos and blog about everything from fashion and food to my kids and beauty. My blog has the occasional giveaway, though I don't get crazy with them and I love to read other blogs. Especially other Christian lifestyle blogs though I love them all  (and will follow back) as long as they are PG. 

MY BLOG: The Fashion Hungry Mommy




I look forward to reading you! 

Hi Jennifer, 

I'm linking up to your blog.  I'm run a Christian lifestyle blog/online magazine.  All of our social media is accessible here:  http://www.christcenteredhomemag.com


Hello Everyone! In case we missed you, there is a Blog Hop going on in here http://fortheloveofkids.ca/2013/02/thebloghop.html 

Please do drop by and add your links at this place so that you could get some 'likes' on your fan page and some followers for your Twitter and blog.. but most of all, you can have some fun too..so hop by...!!!!


Hi Everybody I would be so greatful is would check out my story of first love and the connection food has in our memories.would love comments on the blog and would be happy to reciprocate.


Hello All! Just found and joined BloggyMoms! I found the site through registering for the Bloggy Conference 2013. I blog about handmade, decorating and just plain living!

Name:  Kim Turner

Blog URL:  http://day-with-kt.com

Twitter:  @daywithkt

Hi, I just found this site and it is awesome!!  I started blogging in September of 2012.  My blog started as a fitness blog (still is!!).  I'm 43 years old and every day I do a different exercise/move 43 times. I share that as well as the rest of my daily work-out.

I have a page where I post some of our favorite recipes (or new recipes!!).

I also like to share stuff about my family and just random happenings in our world.

I have really enjoyed my blogging journey to this point and look forward to getting to know other bloggers through this site!!!

Welcome Kim! I love your blog and plan to follow you on your daily 43 goals!! Please stop by and visit me at http://simplyathomemom.com/

FB https://www.facebook.com/SimplyAtHomeMom

Twitter @SimplyAtHomeMom

Pinterest http://pinterest.com/brazil820/

Hi, Jennifer

I just checked out your blog - looks like you have a variety of interesting posts!!  Can't wait to see more.

Thanks for checking out my site!!

Hi Heather, 

I just checked out your blog and am now following you. I'm not a teacher, but a mom of kids with special needs in grade school. You have some really great ideas! I'm looking forward to seeing more. 

I'm just getting started, but feel free to visit me at Alphabet Soup!



Hi Heather,

Welcome to Bloggy Moms. I hope you are enjoying the community...by the way...I love you.

-Mom ;)


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