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Hi Trista! Great meeting you! I write and illustrate children's books. Hope you'll checkout and follow and  



Hi Melissa Perry!

I just started following you on G+. You have a great selection of books! How awesome that you wrote one about the Type I Diabetic child in school.  My younger brother, who is a Type 1 Diabetic, started school in the 80's when no one really knew about Diabetes and it was so scary for all of us. I look forward to reading about all your books. I have a 15 year old with ADHD and a 2.5 year old with Autism.

Have a great weekend  :)


I'm Melissa!

I live in Australia!

I'd love to connect with you!




Post Crossing


Hope to connect with you soon!!

Hi everyone! Im a newbie blogger ( A little over 3 mths) . I Blog over at: There's magic Out There about my journey with my son to get him preschool ready with various activities. I also write about my city and the events that go on around us.  I do arts and crafts and just everyday fun. Lately more holiday fun but who isnt? Right now I have a giveaway ending in a couple of hours( 18 hrs ) for a kids craft from ColorTime Crafts so please go enter!  I would love if you would visit me. You can find me at:

My Blog:

My fb page:

Twitter: @alvina_veena


Hi - I am following you - looking forward to following your project 52!!


Following you! :)

Hi Lana!

Following you on FB.

Meg from Ms. Adventures! in Mommyhood

Hi Meg! Just started following your blog on google. Love the superhero costumes lol... I tried looking you up on FB but for some reason had no luck. Hope you can find the time to visit me at on twitter at and on FB at Thanks! =) Jess

Jessica, just visited your page but couldn't find a follow button let me know how to reach you so I can follow, loved your potty mouth post. I started a potty mouth bank earlier this year it worked wonders.

My name is Mari and I am new to blogging be really great thus far.

Hope you find a moment to come visit me

Hi Meg! Love your blog. You have a beautiful family. Check me out at:

Moms Guide to Cruising

I'm following you via Twitter and Facebook. Hope you return the love at:

Twitter ID:

Hello there Lana! Just came from your blog and you have cool posts! I am now following you at twitter and facebook!

Cheers to you!


Hi Jill! Great meeting you! I write and illustrate children's books. Hope you'll checkout and follow  too and 



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