New to blog world... any suggestions for getting more traffic to my blog?

Hi Girls,

I started my blog 12 days ago. Any suggestions for getting more traffic? Whats the norm traffic flow for beginner bloggers? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My blog consists of Mom stuff, healthy living and easy quick nutritional recipes.



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I find that just listing it on here in all the follows and getting out there and talking about it on other blog pages helps a little bit.  Email your friends and family and see if they will share it with others!
Thanks! I didn't think about talking about it on other blogs. I'll start to do that. I actually emailed friends and family yesterday ;-)
Well first of all I would advice you to own your own hosted blog rather then a hosted one.
Ok, great thank. I have to make sure I like this whole blogging world first :-)

Connecting with other moms. Talking about it forums. Visiting other blogs. It all helps!Social media is great to post up your blog posts. Look into doing blog hops. Try everything! That's what i'm doing.

Will drop by your blog now. Mine is - I love promoting and advertising blogs,pages and just connecting with other blogging moms. There are so many great stories and useful info in these blogs.


Great blog too by the way!

Thanks for the post and all the replies.  I'm new to the mom blogging world but I've been blogging for a while.  The other blogs I have written have been for family and friends only, but I'd like to branch out to mommy networks.  I'll check yours out.  My blog address is:

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!!  Come on down to the Aloha Friday Weekend blog hop and make some new bloggy friends, and link up on our blog hop so that you can drive traffic to your own blog and gain followers!! It's an easy, breezy and fun way to share love with other bloggers and introduce yourself!! 

Anyone who links up is automatically entered to become our Featured Blog of the Week!  Oh and we're hosting a giveaway as well :)

It's quick and easy to link up so come on down and join us if you will!!

Being on this site is a good way to get your name out there.  I found another mom here who was looking for someone to co-host a blog hop and I did.  I have gotten a lot of traffic from co-hosting the blog hop.  Blog hopping is a good way also to get your blog's name out there.  Good luck.



Mom in the USA


BTW: I went over to your blog to check it out and I got this message:


The Squarespace account granolagrizzlymama is not available. If you are the Site Owner for this account please login above.

Start commenting on blogs that write about the same stuff you do.  People are always looking for fresh stuff to read.

get on forums here that relate to your blog topic and get into the conversations, people will start to come.

It is very hard to say what is normal.  many bloggers start and have 5 visits per day for months.  But some start and have 100 a day.  It is hard to say.  Normal is what you are happy with.



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