I wanted to know if anyone had any New Year's Resolutions for 2013?  What would it be for your family, personal goals, or your blog even?  I recorded my own thoughts about resolutions on my blog.  Link below :-)


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Doesn't everyone usually have resolutions for the new year? I know I do! I am not resolving to lose weight or someething too crazy, I resolve for 2013 to becoe way more organized with everything in my house. Cleaning, storage, cooking, EVERYTHING! I am really bad, but at least I only hoard fabric (and my husband has put a stop to that).

For my kids, the only thing that I want them to be is more responsible with their backpacks, coats and lunch bags. So we already got their solution completed, now lets see how long it lasts. So far they aren't just throwing things on the floor, but we'll see if it continues into the new year.

I think my husband might be a lost cause, but I really hope he will help me with some building projects in 2013. Nothing ginormous or anything, just a few things I have wanted made for a while and he comes up with every excuse in the book not to help me or even show me what to do or how to use the saws and stuff (I can be a bit clutzy, so I will NOT attempt to learn on my own).

Of course I do have a couple of the usual resolutions too. Be healthier, is always something we strive for. Very seldom do we eat out and when we do, it is typically a "sit down" place, NOT fast food.

Be more frugal. I am not planning to be an extreme couponer or anything, but I thoroughly plan to take advantage of sales at the local grocery stores when the fliers come out every week.

There you have it, I put them down on "paper" and you are all my witnesses!


Spiritually~I want to hear God's voice and obey. Hear Holy Spirit and obey. Hear Jesus and obey. In the past (speak those things)I would hear, doubt and ignore.

Family~Unity. we have been so divided this year I pray God's peace and unity.

Personal~My desire is to loose 50lns in 5 months. I turn 40 yrs old in May.

Blog~Clicks, Subscribers, Daily followers, advertisments, income


Blended4Purpose: http://www.blended4purpose.com

this year i'm making my first new years resolutions list ever. I have been thinking about it for over 2 weeks now. So will take some time this weekend to write everything down.

Good luck with your list Nicci

I stopped making resolutions a few years ago because every year I made the same resolution and never kept it. Each year since I had my third daughter and gained a lot of weight AFTERWARDS I would say "I'm going to workout" or "I'm going to lose weight" or "I'm going to eat better". I would honestly try in the beginning but usually never lost any weight so I'd stop trying.

I decided to make a resolution this year, though. This year I'm going to be more positive. I've been really negative lately and just want to be thankful for what I have and happy for where I am at my life right now.



Last year was the first year I resolved to loose weight and did. I did not reach my goal but I was within 5lbs of it. I did not beat myself up I just accepted I had an enjoyable holiday. if you want to email me to be your fat buddy i will.



That's great that you lost five pounds! I would love to lose five pounds. It would be motivating to just see the scale move even a little bit, I think. Thanks for the encouraging words!

Thanks Jen. I actually lost 17 lbs. If I lost the additional 5lbs I would be below 200lbs. This year is a winner.

Alethea, that's awesome! I weighed myself for the first time in about five months this morning, I was happy that I hadn't gained any weight since the last time I weighed myself. It would have been nice though to have seen a few pounds just magically go away. It's even more inspiring now that I know you were within five pounds of your goal, guess I shouldn't read when I'm sick :) Good luck this year, I'm sure you will have no problem reaching your goals!!

Thank you. email me and we can be each other's fat buddy. :-)


Mine are more goals


* Treat blogging as a PT job

* Finish the novella I started

* Read 50 books (did 65 this last year but with blogging and writing a book I am giving myself slack)

* Read with my kids more often

blah blah... eat better work out more regularly...




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