I wanted to know if anyone had any New Year's Resolutions for 2013?  What would it be for your family, personal goals, or your blog even?  I recorded my own thoughts about resolutions on my blog.  Link below :-)


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How is everyone doing with their resolutions?  

Blessings~ Winter

I feel like I've done pretty well. I committed to investing the time necessary to promote my blog and help it grow and ice definitely done that. Spending the time to participate in discussions such as these, stating active on twitter and Facebook and following/commenting on other blogs has helped me grow as well as improve as a writer. It's only 6 weeks in to the New Year, bu so far so good!
How about you?
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Im doing good with my business, but not so great on the fitness.   I fell off the wagon with me and my whole house battling the flu, but I'm determined to get back on the horse.   Fat 'weights' for no man(or woman in my case), LOL!  Kind regards

Ha! Good one! Know what has totally and completely changed my commitment to exercise? I have a friend who started what we call TEP- The Exercise Promise.  She was trying to lose the last 10 pounds of the 80 she was trying to lose.  So she comitted to 30 minutes of exercise everyday.  30 minutes.  That's all.  ANy kind of exercise.  She would post each day on FB.  me and another friend decided to join her and work together.  It's now been 21 months and we are still going strong.  What's even more amazing is that now if we have a "skip day" or even multiple "skip days" we don't go on to explain why.  We just comment on the FB status with a "skip day." We have all been so committed that we know that if we skip, it's life and we'll get back on the wagon tomorrow! I totally reccommend an accountablity partner(s).




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I'm striving. I doing much better than expected with my daily exercise. How are you doing?


Great for your Alethea!  Working on the exercise part, but everything else is going well!  Keep up the good work :-)

Way to go! I think the exercise is often the hardest one becuase we are alll afraid to take a day off.  At least I know I get that way.  I'm so afraid one day will totally derail my commitment. I had a great epiphany recently though.  I am not exercising in a vacuum.  I'm exercising in the context of my real life.  And like anythign else in my real life (laundry, cooking, work,) there are days I can get it done and days I can't.  That's life.  So if it's a day I can't get it done... simply do it tomorrow.  That has helped me a lot.  




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