I am currently putting together a list of sites that I have experience with where bloggers are paid to write. Throughout my years - I have noticed that each blogger will have varying levels of success with different sites.

One blogger may have success on a site where another blogger is not able to generate an income.

Please share with the community the sites where you have had success!

Remember, what works for one person may not work for another! So don't be discouraged - just move on and try something else.

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I have had success with the following:

Well i have hired and paid for ghost writers to write articles on my blog through elance.com. (I didn't get paid but these lovely freelancers did).

Social Call out is a new website to reward bloggers with gifts and I have had some success. http://beta.socialcallout.com/

I was registered with http://blogsvertise.com but the article are only about $10 each but I didnt like the topics much (not related to my niche - i.e. medical insurances etc.)

I get paid to blog on my second blog on the Empower Network (100% commissions) and the training gets applied to my other blogs (about $500 a week) http://www.empowernetwork.com/lisadev

I have also been approached a dozen times via email to pay me to post an article (good to have your email on your blog). I usually now don't accept it for anything less than $30 a post.



I also do Infolinks like bloggymoms.com does. I just got my first $50 check last week. :)

Have to agree with Blogvertise, I had trouble finding any that actually fit my niche. 

I just started with infolinks and I am curious to see if I make any money.
I have not had luck with the paid blogging sites as it seems that they are not looking for me. I wish there was a list of topics and you could write an article and then if they like your article the can pay you for it. Or maybe there is something like that?

I totally agree with you Eileen.  I'm connected to many social networks, listed my blog with them, but I've yet to receive an offer.  

Shareasale.. Also it sounds like you have to sell, but No.. many of their merchants offer paid blog posts and refer a blogger commissions. i listed them all here. http://www.prewchatterly.com/2013/02/17/what-program-to-join-in-sha...

Hi Prew,

Is sharesale available worldwide?

As far as i know yes..

I have share-a-sale and haven't made a penny from them. I've had ads running for at least a year. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

You may want to consider working with other merchants either through SAS or another network.  I know that SAS has analytics which will tell you how many clicks you've had during that time period.  Get rid of the bad performers and replace them with other ones who may do better for you.  Have you tested your links?  Perhaps make a purchase through one of your links to see if you get credit?  Sometimes that's the culprit.

I never made anything there either, and took them off after a year. 

Thank you, everyone, for the grat info! I just started getting my blog going and am hoping to be able to monetize it. I have alkready started Amazon Affiliates, but haven't made anyhting yet. Most of the stuff you guys are talking about I've never evn heard of before. Thanks!!!

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