My children have always eaten cereal, mostly the low sugar kind and some fiber.  I was just wondering if they are normal.  I have friends that make eggs and pancakes for their kids every morning, where do they find time before school? 

What do your kids eat?

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Lol, I don't know how your friends do it. My kids enjoy quick food, if I make them a big sandwich or cook one of two things have happened (both leading to wasted food). Either 1/2 of the meal goes to waste because it's more food than they want or they end up late for school because they cannot finish the food in time.

I am the eggs & bacon mom. I need 2 make sure they have a good start on protein (& fat, lol) in the mornings. Sometimes it is pancakes too, especially if I made a huge batch over the weekend & froze some. I know they're gonna eat breakfast at school too, & that's usually a cold breakfast of cereal plus more fruit.

In my kid's school, they have lunch super early in the day, and I keep thinking that if I can get them full of good stuff at home first, plus the 2 additional meals at school, w/ a snack in the afternoon, it'll help 'keep them' until dismissal. Doesn't work though, they're 9 and 6, growing every minute, and they always come home, "STARVING!"

Getting my daughter to eat breakfast is like pulling teeth! I end up using the kiddie nutrition drinks most of the time. It's all I can get her to do in the morning. 

I vary it.  Sometimes she has cereal, but other times she will have yogurt with granola or a piece of toast with fresh fruit.  If I have the time, I will make eggs. I leave the pancakes for weekends only when we have a lazy morning. 

I use to try to make pancakes a couple times a week but it was just a pain.  We eat some combination of the following- scrambled eggs, toast and peanut butter, fruit, greek yogurt, cheesy grits, peanut butter and banana sandwich, and fake sausage patties.  Vegetarians over here so breakfast is a big deal for me to sneak in as much protein as I can for the day:)

If I haven't made & frozen their pancakes 4 the week, then they're not on the breakfast menu. One way I get the family together & talking is to have regular breakfasts at night. For some reason, the family gets along a lot better over pancakes & bacon at NIGHT, then they do in the morning.
My kids are not in school yet. They eat eggs and either toast, sausage, or Canadian bacon. Sometimes they will eat cereal. Once they are in school I'm sure it will be different though.

Weet-bix! The best Aussie breakfast there is..

I'm doing baby lead weaning. My little one eats what I eat, so we sometimes have baked beans on toast, yogurt and fruit. we've actually started eating All-bran this week! There's absolutely no taste to it but she loves it! I'm pretty sure it's just because I'm having it. ha ha.

My son is two. This morning he has an apple sliced up which he dipped in yogurt. I also gave him one of those applesauce packets, he ate some of it, then squeezed some of it into the yogurt. and he had a few nutter butter cookies and milk.

We Three Crabs

My little bean, who's almost 2, is one picky eater. But we're a big fan of rice or porridge. Although he also likes banana or cereal. But these days it's always been a challenge for him to have a good breakfast, so I vary it almost every day. I also sometimes start his day with steam veggies, like broccoli and cauliflower since he loves them to bits. 

My girls love their waffles. Every once in a while I'll make pancakes (full of goodness and double the batch) and I'll freeze them for later.

They also love their cereal, but like you, I usu. give them Go Lean or something with little sugar.


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