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What is your Facebook page for your blog, so we can like one another?

Share and I will like yours!

I blog about fun and creative activities for children. If you would like to follow me on Facebook my link is

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Hi Mitchelle,

My url is

I am following you. Have a great day.

Please come and like my page *puppy dog eyes* I am trying to get to a 100 likes by the new year and I am at 79!!!!  

I am pretty sure I have liked everyone's page who has liked mine!!  Let me know if that is not the case!!  

I'm at


OH and you MUST like form our personal page in order for it to count, my personal page is Yulinda Multitasking Rock, so if you have liked my page and don't see that name leave me a message and I will fix that ASAP!!

Thanx again!!!

Facebook Page <--I have just begun this page for my blog, inspired by your discussion:)

                      -Thanks from Busy, Young, Single Momma Sanity

I'm so behind on following everyone on facebook and their blogs! I plan to catch up today hopefully!  For those who missed my info here it is:

My blog:

Another crafty, mom here.  :)  I stay home right now with our five, but maybe not forever!  Liked your page OP!

liked your page Manda..

Here's mine

Hi Mitchelle

Just liked your page and here is my page for your like

Thank you and Happy New Year!


Hi!  My facebook page is  Just liked yours! :)

Hi Brittany!

Just liked your page. Mine is Would you like mine too?



Wow it is going to take me awhile to sort through all the pages posted but here is mine in the meantime

Hello Heather

Just liked your page in facebook. Mine is Please like it when you get time.



I'm new today to bloggy moms!! I'm excited to meet you as I'm trying to figure out all this social media stuff! I'm going to love looking thru all your blogs and fb pages :)

my blog is, and I am blogging about prepping for my first fitness competition 10 months after having my baby girl!!! We had trouble conceiving, so I had in my head that if we didn't get pregnant, that I would focus on competitions thing you know, I we got pregnant!!! After Haley was born, I decided, why can't I still do the competition?? HAHA  So now I've got the best of both worlds and I'm loving it!!! :)


My facebook page is :) Hope to see some of you there, and I'll be checking you out too!! :)


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