Hello Bloggy Moms!

I'm curious to know what your blog traffic was like when you first started and where you are now:

1. 1st month (I had 1650 visits during the first month)

2. 6th month

3. 1st year

4. 2nd year

5. 3+ year

When did you notice a huge traffic increase and what did you do to get there?   




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Recently I narrowed down th focus of my blog and am taking advantage of the new year to make a go of my blog. So ....I will come back the end of January with a more optimistic view.

I believe 1600+ visits in your first month is amazing. I did not reached that many people after joining the Christian Marriage Blog Challenge in October. How did/do you reach so many people?

My parents are a part of the Christian Marriage blog! Great stuff.

I am in the first month of my blog with 1,192 views, and the first month has yet to end. I promote myself, and actively communicate with co-bloggers.

Busy, Young, Single Momma Sanity -- if you'd like to take a look! Look forward to reading your blog.

your site looks great. my girls and i will have to try yur recipoes.

Thank you! They are delish, I promise!

Hi Megan! I just visited your blog and now following you. Please feel free to visit mine as well and follow me if you are interested through google friend connect or Twitter :) http://kiddiesfan.blogspot.ca/. your stats for the page views for the first month is really impressive! Please do share your effective tips with us for the traffic if you don't mind. Looking forward to connect. Happy New Year!

I actively promote myself thru friends and family, facebook, twitter.  I also communicate with other bloggers.

Well today is my 1 month anniversary of my blog and as of this moment I have had 924 visits to my blog.  I count this as a success considering that I JUST started really actively promoting my blog this last week or so.  I have realized the importance of visibility  It is extremely time consuming and considering that I am a full time working mom of 3 (twins and a single) finding/making time to promote can be like juggling swords with one hand VERRRYYYY delicate process.  

Well congrats to those who have had much success and good luck to those of us who are still trying to pave a way!!!

MoodyMommi @ http://www.moodymommi.com

Moody Mommi I will check out your website. My last 3 are girls, twins 9 and youngest 6. Kudos to you.

Yayayay to girls!!!!  LOL!!!  I saw that you stopped by the blog and gave me some pub on twitter!!  You are AWESOME!!!!!  Thank you soooooo much!!!!


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