Hello Bloggy Moms!

I'm curious to know what your blog traffic was like when you first started and where you are now:

1. 1st month (I had 1650 visits during the first month)

2. 6th month

3. 1st year

4. 2nd year

5. 3+ year

When did you notice a huge traffic increase and what did you do to get there?   




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I've been writing my blog for 3 years 7 months. I average 800-1500 views per month. As of now my total is 21,640. Remember that's over 43 months. I use Facebook, twitter, networkbloggers, and sites like these. I also do something kinds sneaky: whenever I'm in an Apple Store I go to every iPad in the store, open Safari, and load my blog;). Heehee. I've also stood around and listened to people read and chat about it. I know, I'm so lame but I just wanted to try it out and see what happened.

LOL!!  Sneaky  *note to self, do what Vicky did!*

I made the same mental note Moody Mommi.

Hi Vicky,

Is that page views or visits?

It's page views. I'm still not sure what the difference is between a page view and visit? Can you explain?
I would like to know if that is page views or visitors as well. I've learned WordPress includes my views to the site so I'm only counting 'visitors' for my own peace of mind.




I love it! (and will try it ;)


You are so smart. I must try that. I ususally just go into Apple and charge my phone, take pics of myself or people watch. Your passing time activity is much better.

omg!! TOTALLY have to try that one day!!!!  LOL   Thanks Vicky!!!

Sure! It's fun to stand around and listen to see if anyone talks about it!

Wow, ladies, I am impressed. I have been blogging for a little over a year. I have a Twitter account and a Facebook page as well as pinning my crafts on Pinterest but I don't have anywhere near the number of visitors that you are getting. I am definitely doing something wrong.


If you learn what we can do right, let me know.




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