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When you travel to the Smoky Mountains and to Gatlinburg, you’re probably also on the search for great views and breathtaking scenery. What’s so amazing about the area is that you can find just that in so many places – and each view is unique as well as amazing. One of our favorite views during our trip to Gatlinburg this summer came from the Gatlinburg Space Needle.

The Gatlinburg Space Needle is a 407′ observation tower which overlooks the streets of Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains that surround this beautiful valley. It provides a view like no other of the town – from the inside – and allows you to take in the towering mountains around you. It is also Gatlinburg’s only 360° view. Take your time and view the Smokies from all sides of the tower!

We enjoyed the view and spent the better part of an hour just relaxing on the benches and taking in the view. The kids loved the free view finders for close up views of trees and attractions.

The tower is served by two elevators with a capacity of 20 persons each. Ride the glass elevators over 400’ to the observation deck for a 360° view of the Great Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg.

The view from the Gatlinburg Space Needle is an unequaled panorama of beauty year round which is only enriched with the free view finders. But, it’s more than a view; it’s also an information-packed experience thanks to the Higher Learning exhibits, an educational feature rich in facts and history about Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains.

Also onsite at the Needle is Arcadia, a 25,000 square-foot, two-story playground with the latest video and redemption games including the area’s largest redemption center. Arcadia is Gatlinburg’s largest family-fun, arcade attraction. There you can enjoy over 100 of the games! Located just below the Gatlinburg Space Needle, Arcadia was established in 2009 after the construction of their brand new, multicolored facade.

They also offer a theater with some of the most entertaining shows in Gatlinburg – the Iris Theater features some of the most refreshingly-unique acts in the Smokies.

The Gatlinburg Space Needle is open 365 days a year! It would be nice to snap photos of Gatlinburg from this height during all seasons.

Keep up with the Gatlinburg Space Needle on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

Bloggy Moms was provided with a complimentary trip to the Gatlinburg Space Needle. All opinions are our own.


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