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I convinced my children to...

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I'm trying to keep up...but feel a bit overwhelmed right now.  How is everyone else feeling?

I just started, so I'm playing catch up.  I've done days 1 & 2.  I'm working on day 16 now.  I think I'll post one catch-up post per day...

I haven't  kept up with this blog  dare  :( but I decided to do this  one today!

I've been so busy I keep forgetting to come here and post my links!!!  Anyways, coming early today:

I'm still not really able to convince my kids to do things, but this is a recent story about me TRYING to convince my 3yr old to eat broccoli!!!

I just posted my post for today...

I just found this today as @TheBlogDare followed me, and I thought, WOW, what a great way to be prompted to blog!  I don't so much struggle with stuff to say, as struggle with being consistent with my blog.  My blog has been around since 2004, but only has 95 posts on it.  ;)

Renita, I can totally relate - my guess is that I will start to feel overwhelmed as well if I pressure myself to do the dare EVERY day... but my mindset is more that if I do one a week, I'll be stoked. ;)  Even that will put me at 52 posts at the end of the year, more than half of what I've done in the last 7 years! LOL


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