What items are in your natural medicine cabinet and how do you use them?

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Six months ago I was diagnose with a severe grain allergy. I'm allergic to ALL grain whether I eat it or touch it. Because of that allergy, I had to change everything in my life from vitamins and hand lotion to foods and more. I'm slowly building up my grain free armor. I just had some vitamins delivered today. They are called Byron J. Richards Wellness Resource Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin and I can't hardly wait to take one in the morning!

I always reach for the natural stuff now even more than I did before the diagnosis, so my list of products is really long.

Great topic!

Oh my, sounds like you have been on quite a journey.  Blessings on your quest for vibrant health.  I have been gluten, diary, pineapple, soy and garlic free for 19 years.  I was encouraged to see a naturopath for a food allergy blood test when nothing was working to restore my health.  That was the key to wellness for me, taking everything I am reactive to out of my diet.  I always reach for the natural option too.



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