I have a new little photo contest going on over on my blog! Photographers of any level can participate. It's just to have fun and hopefully will inspire one other to take more photographs of the loved ones around us! I'd LOVE to see what you come up with!
Nancy-of the crazy 8

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I love photography and have been toying with it in my spare time [which isn't much] for about a year.  So, I went to your site.  I think I just spent at least 30 minutes reading about your adoption journey.  SO inspirational!!  I go back and forth on whether to adopt.  We have one son, age 5.  We'll see what the future holds for us.  But I just wanted to say that I love your site and your story.  So wonderful!




[the blog is only about one month old -- so bear with me... :D]

Oh thank you, Jackie! We hope to adopt again sometime very soon. It has been a life-transforming event for our family.
I visited your blog! Very cute and interesting too. Got me reading about Spenser Pratt and wow, that's kinda random! And I LOVE your movie list too.

Adopting again? WOW.  


If you're up to giving a possible-newbie some advice on adoption I'd love to have your email address.  It's a hard topic with me.  I think adoption is on my HEART, but because it seems so "impossible" I try to push it out of my MIND, if that makes sense.




Yes, email me! It does seem so so impossible at first. So foreign. So odd, kinda. It has changed me, forever.
i visited your blog and i love it. very interesting and inspirational especially your photography and adoptions. i'm new to photography and in the use of photoshop and i hope to get more tricks by reading your posts. i hope to be back again soon. by the way, i was your 89th voter in the circle of moms today :) take care!


Thank YOU!!!  Sometimes I wonder if that's just my mom and older daughters out there voting all the time!  Hehe!

PS- I'm new to photoshop too!  Still feels so so hard!  What kind of camera do you have?

Hi Nancy!  I'm very exited about your contest and definitely plan to join!  I love that it runs for a whole month rather than a few days.  I always feel so pressured by those types of contests.  This is much more my style.  :-)




Hi Jamie!  Oh I'm SO glad you're going to submit a photo!!!  That was my thought too about it not being just a week.  Sometimes I get SO inspired by other's people submissions on a particular theme.  But I need the time to go out there and take a pic and play around!  So hopefully a month will give folks more flexibility.  (Not that the entry actually needs to be taken that month.)  

And just so you know, submissions are for about 3 weeks total.  That gives me a week to decide and announce a winner, and start the next contest the 1st of every month.


Can't wait to see the photo you decided to enter!

I love photos and I went to your blog... amazing.. love it!!! I will be a follower!! 

I just came across your blog. How exciting because I am a manic photographer.. I love taking pictures of everyone and everything. Most days I do photos of the day on my blog. I am trying to win a REAL camera right now so I can use a lense:) I am running off to a job fair this morning but I bookmarked your blog. i can not wait to read it later:) God Bless


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BTW love the scripture at the top. One of my favs:)


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