Hi everyone! We have a product called MyFear Zapper that has been proven to help children actually overcome fear, and build long-term self-confidence at the same time. That way, when kids face a scary situation in the future, they know how to handle it ... with composure & aplomb :)  The product is a website-based game and is lots of fun.  We're used by families and professionals (in fact, Child Focus, a child services agency in Cincinnati, has just had their 38 counselors sign on!)

We've been testing with a prototype for a couple years, but just launched our brand-new, shiny, interactive site about a month ago. Would love to have fellow mommy bloggers look at it, give input, and review it.

Anyone who's interested, just message me or post here & I'll send you a free code to create an account & check it out.  Thanks so much!

Andrea Brady

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Sounds like a great opportunity. Would live to provide you with a review. I will provide honest review, links to site, and will post on both my blog and facebook page. Please let me know if you are interested in me providing you with a review. 

Tracy, would love to have you review the product!  It's website-based, so I'll provide you a code to create an account.  Can you pls email me at andrea@myfearzapper.com?  Really appreciate your being willing to review us!!!

Sounds like fun. I'd be happy to do a review as well. If you're interested.

Hi Raebeth,

So sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you - had some health issues that put me under for several weeks.  Would love to have you do a review, thanks for offering!  I can provide you with a code to enter the website, if you can email me at andrea@myfearzapper.com.  Thanks so much, look forward to hearing from you!


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