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Spread Some 'Link Love'

Spread Some 'Link Love' <3 is posting a link to sites or blogs, usually unsolicited, that you enjoy, admire, or find useful. Link back to us & we will send friends to your fan page. It is win, win for us all.

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Welcome to Spread Some 'Link Love'

Increase your visitors and traffic by trading links with Southern Belles Shoppes.

We know how important it is, to advertise your business, at the lowest cost possible.

Here at Southern Belles Shoppes, our goal it to offer affordable advertising for your home business, at rates you CAN afford. Trading Links is key to gaining more visitors and traffic to your website.

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If you have stumbled upon this blog,

whether it be by the "Next Blog" button,

or by a link on someone else's site,

I propose we do each other a favor and trade banners.

Email us at SouthernBelleShoppes@gmail.com for consideration. Thank you for your interest.

The Southern Belles Shoppes Official 'Link Love' Page:

Good link love, bad link love, do we really care who links to us?
A savvy blogger or website owner would say yes and no. Based on the 80-20 rule of business – 80% of your traffic will come from only 20% of your links (by my stats, it’s less than 20%). The best way to get yourself out there is to show some 'Link Love' and spread the word for others and it creates a viral marketing effect back to your own links :)

60+  tips about showing "Link Love' -

1. Write an authority article. (Without a doubt the best way to gain deep links.) 2. Write great linkbait. (This is the ultimate for 2011.)3. Use numbers in your titles. (People like numbers.)4. Spend 10 hours and put together a huge list. (The link value will be worth the effort.)5. Say nice things about people who link out. (My momma always said, “If you can’t say anything nice, you won’t get links.”)6. Start something crazy like “Blogtipping”.7. Offer awesome resources, free. (Everyone likes, and links to free.)8. Spellcheck everything, twice. (I plead guitly guilty.)9. Link to others, and they’ll link back. (Most of the time right?)10. Design an award worthy blog or website. (Not just a site you like, a site everyone likes.)11. Create a contest in your niche. (These don’t have to be SEO related.)12. Say something stupid.13. Write a complete “How To” resource. (They get dugg frequently.)14. Release a Firefox extension. (Make sure you support it.)15. Interview your industries experts. (Make it easy and quick for them.)Off-Site Content Creation16. Presell and content pages. (My content page on your site.)17. Write and submit articles. (Don’t forget your byline link.)18. Submit articles to specialized sites. (Big sites in your niche, ESPN, SEJ, Scrapbook.com, etc.)Sometimes these sites will pick up your article and feature your link in the byline.19. Write and submit a press release. (Don’t forget your byline link.)20. Offer to be a guest blogger. (Almost anyone is up for free content.)21. Buy under the radar direct links. (You can email website owners asking to buy links.)22. Buy in-content links on old pages. (Ask to buy a certain word on a certain page, make it simple for the owner.)23. Buy old sites and link to your site. (Can be expensive.)24. Pay for a sponsored post. (I usually pay $5-50+ for a small footer link in a post.)25. Buy direct directory listings. (Some directories are better than others.)Yahoo! Directory ($299/yr)Business.com ($199/yr)StartingPoint ($99/yr)Best of the Web ($69/yr or $199 one time)Joe Ant ($39/yr)Aviva Directory ($50/yr or $75 one time)26. Pay for bulk directory submission. (You can find people willing to submit your site at forums usually for less than $20 to 400 directories.)27. Trade something for a link. (Often times you can buy an office staff pizza on Friday in exchange for a link on their website. Or maybe you can sponsor an office contest or promotion in exchange for publicity on their website.)28. Pay a link builder. (This will involve substantial cost and results aren’t guaranteed.)29. Send your product to potential reviewers at no cost to them.30. Post your link in forums. (Use footer links on forums that allow links.)31. Post your feed in forums. (Many vBulletin forums show your latest post (on your blog) by your name, in your “User CP>Options scroll down to the bottom and put your feed address in.)32. Comment on blogs. (Pick a reasonable number, and try to post that many every day.)33. Submit to generic directories. (Directories without major branding.)Easy Google SearchDirectorySEOFresh Directory34. Submit to the big free directories. (Everyone’s invited here.)DMOZHAABAAEzilionAddURL35. Ask for a link. (You’d better have a good resource, or be the authority in your niche.)36. Sign guestbooks. (I know this just reminds you of Geocities, but there are thousands of guestbooks on sites with PR that are abandoned. Go get yourself a free link.)Free Template guestbook37. Find out where your articles are shown, and offer exclusive content. (This only works when real sites, not article-only sites, pick up your article. Explain why an exclusive piece would benefit them.)38. Ask friends to read a new post, and reference it if they like it. (This can go over really well if you are well connected.)39. Leave a testimonial. (Do it for every product you use, be specific when necessary.)40. Support a non-profit website/company. (Make sure they have a website and will link you first.)41. Build a website for a non-profit organization.42. Form partnerships with online “friends”. (I have 6 people on my gmail chat list that I chat with regularly, I don’t mind asking for a link to a new site, or a great post. In exchange, I Digg their articles, post links to their good articles, etc.)43. Create an awesome tool. (This is just one example of the many free tools out there)44. Send targeted emails. (Make sure the first email asks a question, or helps them. Then ask for a link.)45. Create a Del.icio.us account and start tagging. (Del.icio.us Popular Pages can send as much traffic as Digg.)46. Talk to manufacturers or retailers that you buy from about linking to you. (This could work with #36, leave them a testimonial.)47. Post a listing on Craigslist. (Posts below are pretty spammy but do have links.)Grand Opening Sale!!! Modern style furniture, Sofa, Platform beds…ResumeOutlet.com – Resume Writing Service for Sale (Website + Domain) – $30002005 Chevrolet Impala Sedan! Like New! Pic! Look! – $1399948. Post a helpful post with a link at Google Groups. (Gotta love the straight html links.)49. Post link spam helpful posts to Yahoo! Answers. (Do they ever moderate this stuff?)50. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. (Every city has one.)52. Talk to similar but non-competing businesses offline, and ask for a link. (Explain how, by linking to you, their customers will see their site as the complete resource and are more likely to return.)53. Create a free template or theme. (Wordpress or CSS/XHTML are both popular in the free template sector.)54. Review a product or service. (Bonus points if you have authority in the niche, and are one of the first to review it. Many times you’ll rank right behind the product.)55. Have a privacy policy. (Every reputable company does.)56. Create a contact page. (Mine is coming…I never said I was perfect!)57. Don’t post spam content. (This includes PLR articles, only RSS feeds, or just “borrowing” content.)58. Hire writers who are better than you. (Especially important when you have multiple sites and don’t know what to do.)59. Get 1 link per domain. (Sitewide links are SOOOO 2009.)60. Stay ahead of the curve. (You’ll get thousands of links if you have the first and oldest site about new technology.)61. Link out, especially to blogs. (I always read people who link to me. Technorati keeps great track of who is linking to you.)62. When writing, never lose sight of the “Super Digg”, and write accordingly. (Who doesn’t love a good super digg?)63. Install a page translator. (Anyone have a recommendation?)64. Submit to a sub-category on Reddit. (Submit to the sub-cat and the homepage.)65. Ping appropriate sites with every new post. (Wordpress and Typepad make this easy.)List of Ping ServicesRSS Ping ListPingoat66. Be creative when link hunting. (You’ll be getting links nobody else is even asking for.)Thanks for taking the time to read this! Like it? Please link to it and bookmark it!
Optimizing websites requires top quality link building services that bring higher rankings.
We will glady show you some  ‘Link Love' on our blog Southern Belles Shoppes under the top tab labeled 'Link Love'- Just click the link down below, leave a comment with your banner code, or a reciprocating  link to your blog and/or banner and we will be happy to add you to our page. Visit here: http://southernbellesshoppes.com/?page_id=3155and please don't forget to share for us too <3
Our Mission: Spread Some 'Link Love'....
You Link to Us ... We Link to You!
Link love is posting a link to sites or blogs, usually unsolicited, that you enjoy, admire, or find useful.
This page is FREE and Open to the General Public on Facebook - SO post your heart out!
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Comment by Angie Brewer on January 26, 2013 at 1:33am

Super Social Link Party!

This link party will go on through Feb. 2nd so come by and link up whatever you have as long as it is family friendly. Link-ups, giveaways, pins, shops and blog posts are all welcome!

Comment by Jean Peterson on December 6, 2012 at 4:48pm
I'm super anxious for the weekend to start so let's start it a little ealry, shall we?  Let's make it Aloha Friday all weekend long!! :)

Come link up with us and join us on this journey with the Aloha Friday Blog Hop!  It's a super fast and easy way to get exposure for your blog, find new blogs to follow and,of course, get more followers for your lovely blogs!
I personally follow back every single person who links up, so please come and join us if you will!!  Every single person who links up is automatically entered to our Aloha Hoapili featured blogger of the week drawing!!  You could be featured next week!
You can link up your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter or any other site you want.  You can enter for as many different social media outlets for your blog as you want so come one, come all to the Aloha Friday Blog Hop!
Come grow with us!
Oh, and grab our button here!

Aloha Friday Blog Hop

<div align="center"><a href="http://www.whatjeanlikes.com/search/label/aloha" title="Aloha Friday Blog Hop" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1226.photobucket.com/albums/ee419/whatjeanlikes/AlohaFridayBlogHopbutton.jpg" alt="Aloha Friday Blog Hop" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
Comment by Jean Peterson on November 30, 2012 at 1:36am

Come on down to the Aloha Friday Weekend blog hop and make some new bloggy friends, and link up on our blog hop so that you can drive traffic to your own blog and gain followers!! It's an easy, breezy and fun way to share love with other bloggers and introduce yourself!! 

Anyone who links up is automatically entered to become our Featured Blog of the Week!  

It's quick and easy to link up so come on down and join us if you will!! 



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