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The Beautiful Benefits of Emu Oil

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    Emu Oil for Beauty

    Emu oil for beauty is simple and effective. I’ve talked about taking your skincare and paring it down to just the essentials before in recent articles. When simplicity wins, you win with an easier beauty regimen that’s just right for your skin and hair. Emu oil is the next level oil you should be exploring for your routine. I’ve found that the benefits of emu oil are extraordinary and time-tested. Here are some of the beautiful benefits of emu oil that you are going to definitely want to test out for yourself, with a bottle of your own from Koru Naturals.

    The History of Emu Oil

    This is an oil you should look into that comes from an interesting Australian flightless bird. The Aborigines of Australia were some of the first people to discover all the ways the emu bird, this Wonder Down Under, could be used successfully for holistic healing, haircare, and especially on the body and face for skin health.

    When it was first discovered, the back fat of the bird was used to create the emu oil. The reason the oil is so beneficial number one comes from this fact. This oil contains a bounty of omega fatty acids, including 3, 6, and 9. The trifecta of “good for you” oils as a skin treatment is legendary. This can’t be overstated. What emu oil naturally contains is amazing. Omega-9 specifically is called oleic acid, which is also in many nut butters like shea butter and vegetables oils, like olive or grapeseed oil. Oleic acid is responsible for keeping skin supple and radiant.

    Antioxidants Are Plentiful

    Another reason, other than the fatty acid content of the emu oil, is that it’s also loaded with antioxidants that help fight aging skin, skincare issues like eczema or psoriasis, and can even act as a corrective agent to improve the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and other skin imperfections. You can even use it as an eyelash growth serum. What doesn’t this simple oil do? It’s a powerhouse all around to add to your skincare regimen.

    Serious Skin Issues Treated

    The anti-inflammatory benefits of the emu oil are the reason it’s helpful in treating burns in the skin, which has been known for some time. It’s that same anti-inflammatory action and pain relief that will also help with skin disorders, like eczema and psoriasis, because one of the main symptoms of each of those conditions is red, itchy, and inflamed skin. Emu oil can naturally take care of that.

    On a personal note, my sister has had psoriasis all her life and tried for years to make those scaly and itchy patches go away. She has found that using an all-natural product, like the Koru Naturals Emu Oil, goes a long way in keeping her skin healthy. As an effective skincare treatment, emu oil isn’t just taking care of the surface layer of your skin, but goes deeper to solve certain skin issues.

    Using a simple singular oil has been so much better for her than anything else she has found on the shelves of her local drugstore. Those skincare products seem to be filled with countless filler ingredients that certainly aren’t simple or beneficial. Parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, and fragrances are just a few ingredients you don’t need in your skincare regimen. Ban them from your life for good.

    Hydration Is Plentiful with Emu Oil

    The moisturizing properties of emu oil are insanely effective. It’s able to penetrate much deeper than other oils for true, deep down moisture. I’ve found this is the most luxurious part about using emu oil. After my shower at night, I slick on a layer of emu oil on my damp skin, including my face, to lock in the moisture. It’s truly the best face serum and not expensive like most others on the market for hundreds of dollars. The next morning when I wake up, I notice just how silky soft and gorgeous my skin feels. It’s a nightly treatment that is absolutely essential to my routine now because I just can’t get over how great my skin feels to the touch. My hands and nails enjoy the nourishment too because as a nail hydrating oil it’s helped to stop breakage and ragged cuticles.

    Plus, it’s been helpful to reducing the appearance of stretch marks and old acne scars. As a mother of two, I thought stretch marks were just a part of life. Once I introduced emu oil into my body care regimen, those marks slowly faded away.

    Your Hair and Scalp Will Love Emu Oil Too

    Not only does emu oil work wonders on the skin, but you can also use it on your scalp and hair. For scalp issues, like hair itch relief, emu oil can help hydrate and nourish the scalp balancing out your natural oils to reduce the appearance of dandruff and dry scalp. There is even some evidence to suggest that emu oil can stimulate hair growth. So if you have hair loss from conditions like alopecia, emu oil may be able to help fight the problem as a hair growth serum. It’s not only for the hair on your head, but your lashes can benefit as well. Use emu oil at night for an eyelash growth serum and rinse in the morning.

    You can also use emu oil as a treatment mask. Just mix a few drops of emu oil with a tablespoon of coconut oil and slather on your hair from root to tip. Leave on for 20 minutes and then shampoo and condition as you regularly do. You’ll find that your hair is fortified, soft, and less frizzy overall. Use this intensely hydrating treatment mask about once a week for best results.

    I sometimes will rub some emu oil in the ends of my hair before I go to the gym or to the pool to protect my strands. Then I just pull it into a topknot and go. It’s an easy way to hydrate and pull my hair up for activities.

    A Note on the Emu’s Environment

    Today for Koru Naturals products, the emu oil is created from United States farming sources, where all the extraordinary birds are treated humanely. They aren’t subjected to antibiotics or kept in poor conditions. That was an important fact for me before I started using emu oil. Having this oil as a part of my life for years has been such a benefit for my skin and hair’s health and condition, but I had to know the birds were being treated well too.

    If you are interested in finding an exceptional oil that treats so many skin and hair issues, you’ll be so glad you looked into simplifying your skincare with this one product. It’s definitely something I always have on my vanity now for so many reasons. You’re going to love it too!

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