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    Published research says brewing with a French press, espresso machine or a drip coffee maker could be hurting your health. French press and espresso are high in oily compounds (Diterpenes-Cafestol and Kahweol). Drip coffee makers and single serve machines produce coffee that’s high in acid that may cause stomach upset, stain teeth and damage tooth enamel.
    body brew
    Now wouldn’t it be great if there was a heart, stomach, and smile-friendly coffee system? There is, and it’s launching very soon. Introducing the BOD™ Coffee system by BodyBrew.

    The BOD™ Coffee system uses patented cold brew infusion technology, (zero energy required) to transform your favorite ground coffee into a delicious, super-concentrated cold brew coffee extract that’s heart, stomach and smile friendly. The BOD™ is compact, modular, portable, spill-proof and shatter-proof.

    To celebrate the upcoming launch of BodyBrew and the BOD™ Coffee system, 100 BOD’s are being given away in their sweepstakes. Bloggers are encouraged to enter and share their special link they receive upon entering as you’ll receive two additional entries for each person you refer to the sweepstakes.

    Enter For Free To Win 1 of 100 Free BOD’s Today!

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