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My husband was very encouraging when I started my 30-day elimination diet in February. He gamely ate the dairy-grain-legume-sugar-soy-free meals I prepared for dinner each night for a month.

He was supportive when, after the 30 days, we learned that I am really unpleasantly sensitive to all kinds of soy in all kinds of forms, thereby hugely limiting what and where we could eat.

We never really had a lot of processed food at home — mostly convenience items to help build meals like bread, tortillas, frozen side dishes, breakfast cereals, etc. I could no longer eat most of them.

We realized that to eat the meals we enjoyed soy-free, our only real option was to make what we wanted from scratch.

After a few months of my attempts at soy-free cooking, my husband told me about Blue Apron, a service that delivers recipes and pre-proportioned fresh ingredients to our door to create delicious gourmet meals.

There may or may not have been a slight tone of desperation in his voice.

I don’t really like to cook. I don’t have the knack of thinking creatively about food and knowing how to mix flavors. I am not one of those who can look at my pantry and refrigerator and see an amazing meal in the ingredients on hand.

I like even less running around town to four different stores to find soy-free this and organic that to put meals together.

I reviewed the Blue Apron website and saw that the ingredients were mostly whole foods, with very few processed foods. That made it very easy to navigate around potential soy issues.

Then I emailed the Blue Apron folks about how to find out whether specific ingredients had soy.

They were immediately responsive and very helpful — yes, the sourdough bread in the Mushroom & Fontina Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Sweet Pepper & Roasted Cauliflower Salad had soy (easy to fix, I used my own bread); no, the dumpling wrappers in the Crispy Ricotta Pierogi with Warm Apple-Cabbage Salad & Browned Butter did not.

The food arrived on my doorstep incredibly fresh and clearly labeled for each of the three meals we received at a time. The recipes came on 8″ x 10″ glossy cards that were easy to read and follow. I slipped them into plastic page covers and stored them in a binder for future use — the beginnings of a great recipe book.

There have been ingredients that I have never worked with before, and some I have never eaten before. I have become a big fan of fennel and finally appreciate citrus zest.

The meals have been delicious, and it has been a little bit exciting to be the one that made them (albeit with a lot of step-by-step guidance). The portions are generous — we could easily get two meals out of many of the recipes.

With Blue Apron cooking dinner has become one of my favorite things.

The best part is that my husband really enjoys the meals too, and wants to help. He has been getting home earlier, pouring us glasses of wine, and we’re cooking together. We get excited about the next batch of recipes and planning out our weekly meals.

Together time with food — what could be better?

Originally published on Autism Mom. I did this review just because I wanted to do it and I did not receive any compensation or incentive from Blue Apron to do it.Click here to learn more about Blue Apron.


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