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I have cribbed about sonny’s picky eating habits many times on this blog in the past. If I could have a rupee for every minute I spend per day running after sonny with a plate of food or shoving down spoonfuls into his semi-clamped mouth, I am sure I would end up with a big fat bundle of cash pretty soon!

Of course, in real life, it is not at all fun and games doing this day in and day out. And I long for the day when he would actually eat his food “all by himself” the way he likes to claim! However, as much as I would like for it to get a little easier, I cannot overlook the inherent humor in the situation.

I am sure a lot of moms of picky eaters out there will identify with this.

So, here’s my funny take on how to get a picky eater to eat in 40 easy steps:

1. Take the utmost care and time to prepare a scrumptious meal (making sure it is of Masterchef quality 😉 ) and of course, ignoring the basic law of picky eating – The amount of time and energy expended to prepare a meal is inversely proportional to the number of minutes taken by the picky eater to reject that meal and run away. (In layman’s terms, the longer and harder it takes to cook something good and healthy, the quicker it will get rejected by the picky eater). Yes, moms never learn!

2. Spend an equal amount of time plating the food up beautifully (After all, we eat food as much with our eyes as with our taste buds!)

3. Present your masterpiece to the picky eater, who instantaneously bolts yelling “I, not eat. I don’t like food anymore!”. Huh?!?

4. Breathe. Finally the time spent reading about and learning basic yoga is paying off!

5. Go to the tiniest room in your home with the least amount of wiggle capacity and put the plate of food there. Don’t forget the glass of milk (or water or juice, basically any liquid being served that day) and a towel (for all accidental and intentional spills and spit ups).

6. Bring in the iPAD to that room and play the picky eater’s current favorite show on it.

7. Don’t forget to cancel all your appointments for the next 1 hour.

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