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The Bloggy Moms Network connects social media influencers with brands and with each other!  Our network is a community of women in social media dedicated to sharing their knowledge and support with their piers.  Our influencers come together on the network and at our annual event, Bloggy Conference, to discuss all things social media, technology and lifestyle. 


Bloggy Moms was founded in 2009, by Tiffany Noth, as a place for women to find support and encouragement throughout the social media journey.  Having noticed that many bloggers she followed eventually abandoned their blogs - Tiffany created Bloggy Moms to provide community.   She believed that if the author of the blog had found support, encouragement and information, they may not have given up on their blogging efforts.



In 2011, Bloggy Conference was launched by Bloggy Moms to bring women in social media together, face-to-face.  The annual event offers sessions to further your social media career and solidify your presence in the world of online publishing.  Attendees of Bloggy Conference spend a weekend networking and creating stronger bonds with their peers as well as with brands.


If you are a blogger with information to share or are looking for support and community click here to join Bloggy Moms. 
















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