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Tiffany Noth has been blogging since, well since before it was "cool" and before the term blog was coined by Jorn Barger in December of 1997.

Tiffany created her first website at the age of 17. She used a 56K modem and sites such as Tripod and Angelfire {this was after all 1996} to assemble various journal/blogging outlets. There she wrote about her daily life, interests and of course the love of her life, Mark Grace of the Chicago Cubs {whom she did not end up getting to marry after all... or even meet} .

Tiffany continued her blogging, through various outlets on the internet including Live Journal and Blogspot and has permanently settled at ABloggyMom.com

Being fascinated by the world of mom bloggers, Bloggy Moms was founded in November 2009 to be a gathering place and offer community support and resources for every facet of a social media mom's life.


Bloggy Moms currently has over 7,200 very active members and a Twitter following of  17,000+. 

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