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After many inquiries and suggestions for a more feasible advertising option for mom bloggers,
Bloggy Moms is offering a rate more affordable for bloggers!
This site is dedicated to bloggers - so this is long overdue!

Text Link Ad Space will now be available for blogs only! This means, that no business links will be accepted for this space.  Any text link ads purchased for a business - will credited toward space in the appropriate area. Text Link Ads for Blogs will be located just under the Sponsors Ad Space in the right hand column of


Text Link Ad Options

1 Year at $20.00
2 Years at $30.00

Please allow 2 business days for link to appear.  Ads will appear in the order they were received.


The VIP Blogroll is for blogs only.  If needed, links will be separated into 2 or 3 columns or placed with a scroll bar option to accommodate everyone. 

We reserve the right to edit any text that may be offensive. 

If text is too long or appears too much like an advertisement instead of a Blog Roll - the text will be edited.

Placement Choices
Blog Name
Blog URL

VIP Blogroll on Bloggy Moms!

VIP Blogroll on Bloggy Moms!

VIP Blogroll on Bloggy Moms!

VIP Blogroll on Bloggy Moms!


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